Independent media outlet Toplum TV’s Facebook and YouTube pages suffered a hack attack


Published: 21 September 2022 19:07

On September 17, Toplum TV’s Facebook page was taken over and posts and followers were deleted.

Toplum TV editor Khadija Ismayilova spoke with Meydan TV about the incident.

According to her, the technical staff is still trying to clarify what caused the security breach.

Toplum TV’s Facebook and YouTube pages have been attacked several times. Ismayilova said that the site’s page was seized once sometime agora and it is the first time since she became an editor that Toplum TV is facing this situation.

She assumes that there may be interference not only from the site’s Facebook page, but also from the account of one of the employees broadcasting live. However, it is still to be determined whether these two are related to each other.

“More detailed information will be available after the result of the investigation. In any case, recently the attacks have intensified, it seems that we have not calculated the risks well. Because if the interest and the number of employees are too much, the risks are also increasing,” concluded Ismayilova.

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