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Instead, Zeynalli remained in prison

But 3 days ago, on September 17 attorney Elchin Sadigov’s appeal was considered and he was released under house arrest

Head of “Khural TV” internet television Instead Zeynalli’s imprisonment– with the house arrest of the gatimkan event substitute His petition regarding making it was not granted today, September 21, at the Binagadi District Court.

His lawyer about it Mind Lajic said.

He noted that Zeynalli once again declared his innocence in the court.

“An appeal will be filed against the decision.”

Lawyer also noted that a new article – 312-1.1 (influence trading) was added to the journalist for another episode.

He first A crime He was charged with Article 311.3.3 of the Code (large amount of bribery).

Up to 12 years for the person with those substances imprisonment can be given.


Evaz Zeynalli, head of “Khural TV” internet television attorney Elchin September together with Sadigov 10and they were kept a day later imprisonment were done.

He is accused of bribery, and the lawyer is accused of facilitating it.

Zeynalli, the former head of “Baku Steel Company”, who is in prison Rasim From Mammadov’s family 20 thousand manats a bribe accused of taking Sadigov was the lawyer of businessman Mammadov.

But none of them feel guilty.

But 3 days ago, on September 17, the lawyer Elchin Sadigov’s appeal was considered and he was released under house arrest.

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