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Russians are looking for ways to leave the country on Google


After Putin’s decision, the citizens of the country started looking for other ways

Russia After President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization on September 21, the Russians “Google” in the search engine, they searched more about how to leave the country.

At the same time, ways to travel to visa-free countries, air tickets, whether land borders are open, etc. they also conducted searches.

On September 21, between 12:00 and 15:00 (4 hours), “Visa-free countries for Russians”, “Moscow-Istanbul tickets”, “Moscow Baku ticket”, “Sochi Batumi ferry”, “Work in Batumi”, “Weather conditions in Batumi for the next 1 week”, “Rent a house in Batumi”, “Ticket sales companies”, “Online travel agency”, “Moscow Istanbul flight”, “Minsk Istanbul flight “, “Moscow Stonevillage flight”, “where is it possible to go from Russia now”, etc.

As for searches related to Azerbaijan, more “Samara Baku ticket”, “Is a visa required to go to Baku?”, “Azerbaijan weather companies”, “To Azerbaijan how to go?’ such information was searched.

Apart from that, among the searched information, the routes and flights to the neighboring country Armenia were also searched.

Flight tickets from Moscow, the capital of Russia, to the capitals of neighboring countries are quickly sold out.

Reason Russia President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization from September 21.

By mid-October, most of the tickets to Tbilisi, Baku and Yerevan are sold out.

Although there are no direct flights to Tbilisi, there are no transit flights from other countries either.

In the decree signed by Vladimir Putin on partial mobilization, it is stated that this decision was made in order to preserve the sovereignty and integrity of Russia.

Putin only of the Russians in reserve military he stressed that he will be called to the service.

President during his speech, he also warned about the possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons.

Azerbaijan news

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