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“They put handcuffs on my arms, put a bag on my head and beat me” |


Shohrat Absalimov to him torture He wants to punish the policemen who gave it

“They put a cellophane bag over my head, put a mask on it, twisted my arms behind my back and handcuffed me. They beat me in this situation. They demanded that the neighborflour I will take responsibility for the burning of the haystack, I will say that I burned it. When I said “I don’t know, they beat me more violently, they even took off my clothes and humiliated me.”

This to Meydan TV Guba resident Shohrat Absalimov says. According to him, on September 17 Guba District Police He was taken to his department and was tortured.

Shohrat Absalimov says that on September 12, he had an argument with his neighbor who intervened in a minor family conflict. The neighbor beat him. He also called the Ministry of Internal Affairs 102 Service and complained about his neighbor. A few days later – on September 17, that neighborflour in a haystack in the backyard fire out. The neighbor also told the police that he suspected him in this case. On that day, the policemen who came to his place of residence took him to the department. Shohrat Absalimov:

“At first Guba District Police I received a call from the department. He was an investigator named Farid. He said, from you complaint yes, he called me to the department, said, be here in 5 minutes. I said that I am not an airplane, I don’t have wings, if you have invited me, I will try to come as soon as possible. Never 10 not a minute passed, a civilian car stopped on the street, two people the policea man in civilian clothes put me in a car and took me to the police station.”

According to Shohrat Absalimov, his neighbor in the police departmentflour they demanded that he take over the fire that broke out in the haystack in order to close this case quickly:

Guba District Police Department. Photo: Ministry of Religion

“I said, I didn’t do it. My neighbor was there too. The investigator named Farid said, there was a conflict between you a few days ago, you are the one who started the fire, admit it. When I repeatedly said that I did not know, several policemen jumped on me and beat me. Then they took him to the 3rd floor and took him to a room. There were several other policemen there, chief his deputy was also there, although I don’t know his name, I know him by face. They questioned me briefly, I again said that I did not know about the fire. They put a cellophane bag over my head, put a mask on my face, my arms were handcuffed behind my back, and they beat me in this position. Someone was squeezing the cellophane bag, I was suffocating. They said, buy it, I said, I didn’t burn it. They made me undress and humiliated my personality. Finally, unable to bear the torture, I started the fire in the neighbor’s haystack. They took me down, made me write what they wanted, and then drew up a report that I allegedly resisted the police.”

An administrative protocol was drawn up for Shohrat Absalimov’s willful disobedience to the legal request of a police officer. On September 18, around 18:00, he was taken to the Guba District Court. Judge Ilgar Mammadov chaired the case on administrative error. Shohrat Absalimov 200 manat fined court released from the hall. Shohrat Absalimov says, judge He did not even want to listen to him, announcing the decision court away from the hall.

According to Shohrat Absalimov, the police, who harassed him for what he did not do, did not even consider his complaint from the neighbor a few days ago:

Shohrat Absalimov

“On September 12, they didn’t even call me for my complaint about being beaten. However, five days later, the very neighbor who beat me went and wrote to me that he suspected me in the haystack fire. torture they gave.”

The Guba Regional Group of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Meydan TV that on September 12, a resident of the region applied to the Guba RPSH and said that Shohrat Absalimov burned his haystack. During the investigations conducted on the basis of the application, it was revealed that the incident was indeed committed by Shohrat Absalimov:

“He was invited to the administrative building of the RPSH, and he sincerely confessed his deed. After Shohrat Absalimov arrived at the police station, he was in the service room of the investigator investigating the incident complaint A protocol was drawn up based on the relevant article of the Criminal Procedure Code regarding the person who made inappropriate statements.

“Shohrat Absalimov’s comments about pressure being put on him in the RPS are completely false and are meant to evade responsibility,” the Guba Regional Group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement.

Shohrat Absalimovsa asks the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General not to remain indifferent to what happened to him. He demands the punishment of the policemen who tortured him.

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