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A new package of sanctions against Russia is being prepared

Before that Russia President Vladimir Putin He announced a partial mobilization to continue the war in Ukraine

Europe EU Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Jozep Borrel Moscow Ukraine after announcing a partial mobilization for the war, he said that a new package of punitive measures against Russia would be prepared:

“We have decided to prepare new restrictive measures against Russia as soon as possible in coordination with our partners.”

Borrell made this statement on September 21 after the emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers.

Meeting in New York UN It was held during the 77th session of the General Assembly.

Borrell said that the sanctions against Russia will be both individual and sector-specific.

According to him, the decision on the new sanctions package will be made at the official meeting of EU ministers.

Europe’s determination will not be broken

Before that Russia President Vladimir Putin He announced a partial mobilization to continue the war in Ukraine.

At the same time, it was announced that referendums will be held in Ukraine for the annexation of territories occupied by Russia to Russia.

Putin as well as all tasks of the “special operation” in Ukraine “at all costs” execution He said that he was not bluffing.

The international community assessed these words of Putin as an “open nuclear threat”.

Borrel said that “allusions to nuclear weapons should not undermine our resolve, determination and Ukraine will not break our unanimity with

The EU foreign affairs commissioner said that the bloc will support Ukraine as long as it needs to defend its territorial integrity.

“The Decisive Turn”

Borrel said that the threat of nuclear weapons to Europe is a real threat to the whole world and the international community must react to it.

The next official meeting of EU ministers should be held in mid-October. By then, the 8th package of sanctions against Russia should be ready.

Ministers as well of Ukraine they decided to intensify the supply of weapons and ammunition.

According to some information, the new package as well Russia oil price cap will be included.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Reynsalu told Reuters that Putin wanted to divide the West by intimidation, but his latest speech was a “decisive turning point”.

“This is a completely different situation. There is a saying in aviation: all the rules are written in the blood of plane crash passengers. This sanctions package is also written with massacres and bloodshed committed by Russia.”


Azerbaijan news

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