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A one-way ticket from Moscow costs 9,200 euros. Warning |

From Russia to Serbia as well Turkeywhere tickets to Georgia and Armenia are sold out news is given

Russia President Vladimir Putin After declaring partial mobilization due to the war in Ukraine, a large number of Russians are rushing to buy one-way tickets from the country.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in a television interview on September 21, he said that 300,000 reservists with relevant combat experience will be mobilized.

After this news, the price of plane tickets increased. There is concern that Putin will soon announce a general mobilization and that Russia will close its land borders.

Russia A large number of Russians have left the country since the attack on Ukraine began at the end of February.

“Air Serbia” reports that tickets for the Moscow-Belgrade flight for the next few days are sold out. Europe Despite the European Union (EU) embargo, this company has stopped flights to Russia together with Turkish Airlines.

The price of one-way economy tickets from Moscow to Istanbul and Dubai is 9 thousand 200 euros (9 thousand 119 dollars) rose.

From Russia to Serbia as well Turkeywhere tickets to Georgia and Armenia are sold out news is given.

Russians can visit Serbia without a visa. Belgrade did not join the Western sanctions against Russia due to the attack on Ukraine. Belarus and China have not imposed sanctions on Russia either.

Some social media posts claim that people are being returned from Russia’s land border with Georgia. Russia and the website of the state railway company crashed. A good man is looking for ways to leave the country.

Meanwhile, the authorities of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan have warned migrant citizens in Russia not to join the Russian army, which is waging war in Ukraine.

The Kyrgyz Embassy in Moscow noted in its statement on September 21 that in the territory of foreign countries military any form of participation in the activity will be considered a paid activity, 10 until imprisonmentwill be punished by confiscation of property.

The embassy informs its citizens that they military if a document calling to join the operations arrives, they should apply to the diplomatic representation.

Currently, more than 1 million Kyrgyz are in Russia labour it is reported that he stayed as a migrant.

The Embassy of Uzbekistan made a similar statement, stating that it is illegal to join foreign armies. 10 said that he will be punished with imprisonment up to a year.

September 20in the State Duma A crime According to changes to the Code, long-term for Russian citizens who refuse to join the Russian armed forces imprisonment punishments are provided.

Kyrgyzstan recognizes dual citizenship with non-border countries. Kyrgyz in Russia labour most of the migrants have Russian citizenship and can be involved in mobilization.

Uzbekistan does not recognize dual citizenship. Most of the 1.2 million Uzbek migrants in Russia want to get Russian citizenship, some of them serve in the Russian armed forces.


Azerbaijan news

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