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On September 19 UNwithin the framework of the 77th session of the General Assembly of USA mediated by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Azerbaijan and Armenia The meeting of foreign ministers took place. This meeting is on September 12 AzerbaijanArmenia state on the border It was the first diplomatic contact after the fierce fighting that took place. The fact that the meeting took place on the initiative of Washington, rather than Brussels or Moscow, drew attention. After the meeting Blinken made a statement and stated that his country is ready to support the peace talks:

“Both with the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, and Azerbaijan President With Ilham Aliyev In my last calls, both leaders told me they were ready for peace. A strong, sustainable diplomatic relationship is the best way forward for all. Differences of opinion between Armenia and Azerbaijan military there is no solution. But I think that the differences of opinion are diplomacy way There is a path to lasting peace that resolves with The United States stands ready to do everything in its power to support these efforts. I am grateful to both of my colleagues for being here today to continue this conversation.”.

Interestingly, only two days before this meeting USA Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress, during her visit to Yerevan, blamed Azerbaijan for the latest border conflict and Armenia accused him of “illegal attack” on his territory.

On the one hand, Pelosi calls Azerbaijan an aggressor, on the other hand Blinken Azerbaijan and Armenia is mediating to start peace talks between This contradiction raises the following question: USAWhat is the real position of Azerbaijan-Armenia relations?

To the question in question, exclusively for, the former US ambassador to Azerbaijan ambassador Answered by Matthew Bryce. He is from Yerevan and his country Baku noted that he was the only successful mediator in the peace talks between:

“This is very good news, Secretary of State Blinken He mediated the negotiations between the heads of the MFA of Azerbaijan and Armenia. The United States has extensive experience in reducing conflict pressures. He was also a member of the Minsk Group for a long time. However, at the moment, this institution has lost its functionality. Because its another member France openly took the side of Armenia, Russia and could not ensure peace. As a result, the Minsk Group is now called a dead institution in Azerbaijan. Because the Karabakh conflict has already been resolved and there can be no question of any status here. The next step is to intensify the peace process, which official Washington can contribute to this work. But we saw from the recent visit of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, that not everyone in the United States agrees with the current status quo, especially in California.”

According to the former ambassador, Pelosi’s visit to Armenia and the opinions expressed by her do not reflect the real position of the official Washington, even Blinken tried to correct her diplomatic mistakes with the last mediation initiative.

“Nancy Pelosi is from California, where there is a strong Armenian diaspora. I think Blinken and Biden They were not very happy with Pelosi’s visit. So Blinken tries to fix the situation. Congress in US politics free institution and Pelosi’s Biden he is not dependent on the administration, he can do whatever he wants. He can make his own choice. It is obvious that Blinken and Biden They do not take sides in this conflict, they try to take a more efficient way and become neutral mediators.

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