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The driver says that the police forced him


“Every morning Heydar They detain drivers on Aliyev Avenue and abuse them under the pretext of traffic congestion.

“I am not a taxi driver, I am an entrepreneur. On September 15 Heydar Traffic police stopped me near the Olympic Stadium – under the first radar while driving along Aliyev Avenue. They told me that I was a car thief. I requested an image and protocol. They said: “We don’t give it and you have to go to the police with us.” I called DİN 102 service, the police wanted to take me out of the car and take my car to the parking lot. You have seen the rest in the video. He took me 10 per day imprisonment they gave I filed an appeal.”

During the day in social networks Samandar Mehdiyev, whose video images of the incident between him and the traffic police were spread and caused a wide discussion, talked about what happened to him on “Instagram” and appealed to the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General. He asked for the removal of the traffic police inspectors who were rude to him.

Samandar Mehdiyev, Nizami District, Sabunchu District Police He was detained by the employees of the department. The traffic police registered him as a car hooligan, making a protocol court brought before him. Court to the driver 10 per diem imprisonment cut off the sentence. Samandar Mehdiyev filed an appeal against the decision and was released.

In social networks in common images driver he reports that he was forced by the employees of the traffic patrol service. According to the image, the police one of the employees puts his hand through the car window, driver and raises the window of the car and the police of the employee hand stuck in the window. At that time, another police officer put his hand through the window and forced the driver to roll down the window. Another police officer gets into the car through the back door.

The person who sent the images of the incident to Meydan TV writes that Nizami district DIParbitrariness prevails in:

“They play tricks on the people with open insults. Every morning Heydar They stop the drivers on Aliyev avenue and abuse them under the pretext of “traffic jam”.

Baku The Chief Inspector of the City State Traffic Police Department, Police Major Araz Asgarli made a statement and said that Samandar Mehdiyev is a taxi driver. Due to fines that have been completed for 3 months on his car imprisonment it was explained to him that there was a decision. It was reported that according to the requirements of the law car must be taken to the station:

Driver first he agreed, then he got into the car, closed the doors and tried to drive away from that place. At that time, when the policeman threw his hand at the door, he squeezed his hand with his foot and tried to discredit the policeman who was doing his legal work by filming and showing the tension in his favor.”

Araz Askerli told Meydan TV that what was said about the abuse of drivers at the Nizami DYPSH was nonsense:

“There is a case where you show a concrete fact, and there is also a case where “someone says so” without facts. The person who said this should bring the facts, let them be investigated,” said Araz Askerli.

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