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The Ukrainian army says it is ‘in progress’

Armed Forces of Ukraine A September 22 Telegram post by the Department of Strategic Communications says that Russian occupation forces are in a “difficult situation” near the city of Lisichansk, east of Luhansk.

Ukraine military said that “in one of the most important logistics arteries” of the partially occupied Luhansk region of the country Russia continues to advance “smoothly and confidently” against his forces.

Armed Forces of Ukraine In a Telegram post of the Department of Strategic Communications dated September 22, it is said that the Russian occupation forces have fallen into a “difficult situation” near the city of Lisichansk, east of Luhansk.

of Ukraine Luhansk, part of the eastern Donbas region, is one of the four Russian-controlled areas where disputed referendums are planned.

Referendums for joining these territories to Russia should start on September 23.

Ukraine and its allies have said that these referendums are illegal and their results will not be recognized.

Ukrainian forces in recent times of Russia military managed to regain some of the territories it captured during the intervention.

Snowfancy artillery fire

in the Luhansk region of Ukraine military Governor Serhiy Hayday said on September 19 that Ukrainian troops in several villages in the region free was able to do.

Hayday reported on September 21 that the headquarters of the command center of the occupying forces in Svatovo was destroyed by Ukrainian troops.

Svatovo is 160 kilometers from the city of Luhansk, the central city of the Luhansk region.

In the rest of the territories on September 22 Russia and Ukrainian forces engaged each other in rocket and artillery fire.

At least 6 people in this shooting perished is reported to be.

Russia 1 person as a result of rocket attacks of the forces of the Zaporozhye city perished and 5 more people were injured.

Officials in Russian-controlled areas of Donetsk region of Ukraine they said that 5 people died from artillery strikes.


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