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“Why are the police not taking action, waiting for someone to die?” |


Tahira Guliyeva: “They don’t think that we are not taking measures in time, if the situation continues like this, blood will be spilled…”

Bardanin Karademirchi village resident Tahira Guliyeva the police complains of indifference. He says that if this indifference continues, the police failure to take action can lead to tragic consequences.

“Young people, hearing those curses, would react aggressively”

The Guliyev family is from Lachin district mandatory displaced. They have been living in this village for many years.

Tahira Guliyeva tells Meydan TV that she and Mobil Humbatovgil, who has been living in the neighborhood for almost two years, have been enmity. According to him, the dissatisfaction between them gradually turned into a fight. Tahira Guliyeva claims that Mobil Humbatov attacked her and insulted her and her family members:

“It’s good that my sons were not at home at that time. When they were young, they would react aggressively after hearing those insults, unpleasant incidents would happen. I am a diabetic, an old man, is it time for me to be scolded and beaten?”

He also explained the reason for the enmity between him and his neighbor. Tahira Guliyeva says that the neighborflour his niece is his daughter-in-law:

“My niece and my son fell in love and decided to get married. About two years ago, the girl joined my son. They live happily, we have no discontent among ourselves. The bride’s parents are also left aside, they do not give us comfort. My daughter-in-law cannot go to the gate because she is afraid that they will do something to her…”

Tahira Guliyeva said that the neighborflour twice to the “102” service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs due to attacks and insults against them complaint did. But their complaints are not considered.

“They don’t find anything else, they stick to the stable”

The other party also complains about the Guliyev family. He claims that they cannot live comfortably in their houses because of the smell of the cattle shed. Mobile Humbatov Barda District Police About this to the department complaint did.

Tahira Guliyeva believes that the stable issue is an excuse.

“They can’t find anything else, they stick to the shed. First, there is a distance of 40-50 meters between our stable and their house. Second, village everyone is engaged in cattle breeding. My two daughters-in-law live in the same house, the children mix with each other, if we have the opportunity, we will build a house. We cannot afford to live in this situation. We keep cattle for subsistence. What should my family eat, how should they make a living?”, says Tahira Guliyeva.

“The police are threatening me”

He is dissatisfied with the actions of Natig Ismayilov, an employee of the Barda District Police Department. He says that this police officer is biased against them:

“Normally, the parties should take their word that there will be no more attacks and no more worries. In this case, let the other side take care that we will not be hurt. But it doesn’t. He is trying to blame us unilaterally. He even threatens me. In fact, the reason why he behaves like this is known. They don’t think anymore that we are not taking measures in time, if the situation continues like this, blood will be spilled. For two years I have been living in fear that my children will come home safely and that nothing will be done to them. I even ignore many actions, I absorb them so that there is no tragedy. The other side does not calm down, it irritates. I wonder why the police are not taking action, waiting for someone to die?”

What do the police say?

The Barda Reginal group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Press Service told Meydan TV that Garademirchi village both regarding the controversial issue between residents Tahira Guliyeva and Mobil Humbatovun complaint they did. Based on their mutual complaints, the Barda District Police Department started investigations:

“Since the features indicated during the investigation related to the appeals are of a civil nature, the collected materials were appropriately employed in the Barda District Police Department. Preventive conversations were also held with the parties, and they were advised to apply to the district court in the matter.”

PS After Meydan TV learned about the attitude of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tahira Guliyeva contacted the editors again. According to him, Natig Ismayilov opened the phone and shouted at the woman, “You went and complained about me to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, stop and go to the police.” However, the woman refused to go to the police on the grounds that she filed a complaint.

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