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“Recognizing these referendums is out of the question” |

Since 1975, no agreement has been reached on the terms of holding such a referendum in Western Sahara

Moscow on September 23 of Ukraine In four occupied provinces, a referendum was started for the purpose of annexing these territories to Russia. Ukraine this vote is called a setup, the West condemns it.

Russia the purpose of hastily voting while the war is going on is to claim sovereignty over these territories.

AzadEuropa/RFE/RL correspondent Robert Coalson, a former French diplomat, is currently speaking about the legitimacy of the referendum Europe Broader at the Council on Foreign Relations Europe Head of the program Marie Dumoulintalked to

Dumulin says that in a conflict situation, when one country claims another’s territory, it can take years to organize referendums under international supervision, according to international rules.

“For example, since 1975, no agreement has been reached on the terms of organizing such a referendum in Western Sahara. Because there are questions about who will participate in the voting, according to which law the referendum will be held, and who will control it.” – says the former diplomat.

In Ukraine, thousands of people left their homes and could not vote. On the other hand, voting is likely to Russia carried out in accordance with the legislation, however Ukraine since the territory Ukraine must be in accordance with the legislation. Since it is a war zone, the voting is controlled by soldiers, which should not be the case. To the areas where pseudo-referendums were organized Russia partial control, but voting covers the entire territory. The analyst says that all this indicates the illegitimacy of the referendum.

Moscow recognized the independence of Lugansk and Donetsk regions before the invasion began on February 24. Does this factor affect the legitimacy of the vote?

Dumulin says that only Russia recognizes these areas. (North Korea and Syria also recognized those separatist organizations – ed.)

“According to the international law, they are the territory of Ukraine. Therefore, I do not understand what meaning is given to the fact that Moscow recognizes these two institutions as independent states. – he says.

As for the reason for holding the referendums now, the analyst said that of Ukraine explains the counterattack that started in early September. That is, Russia military not political is trying to strengthen its control over these areas.

“Russia’s intention of Ukraine to stop their counterattacks on those areas. They will say that this is Russian territory, if you attack, the consequences will be too severe. Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday (September 21) he clearly said that he can use nuclear weapons as well. – Dumulin emphasizes.

Some Baltic leaders compare this move to the Soviet Union’s annexation of the Baltic states during World War II. Dumoulin says he is careful with such historical analogies because we live in a different world now than the world order of 1939-40.

“One of the fundamental principles of the current system is respect for territorial integrity and non-use of force… And now UN One of the permanent members of the Security Council clearly violates these principles. This does not bode well for any country in the world.” – the analyst said.

Regarding the reaction of the international community to Moscow’s possible annexation of more territory of Ukraine, Dumulin said:

“Recognizing these referendums is out of the question. These are not referendums, so I cannot talk about them in the context of democracy or the rule of law. This is not a referendum, the international community should say so and invalidate them. In the current conditions, we cannot talk about holding any form of legitimate voting in these regions.”


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