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The bodies of the children in the shelter are covered with wounds and there is no one to treat them

“Number 3 because of the scabies-like rash on his hands Child Minors placed in the Skin Venereal Dispensary were returned to the shelter without treatment.”

About it Azerbaijan Head of the Children’s Union Kamala Aghazade released information. He noted that when they were taken to the dispensary, the rash was only on the children’s hands, but now it has spread all over their bodies:

“Children newly placed in our shelter medical during the examination, the dermatologist said that the rash on his hands looked like scabies. Therefore, four days ago, these children number 3 Child We placed him in the Skin Venereal Dispensary. Later from us medicine they asked, we took him and even left a volunteer with the children. As a result, these images appeared. No matter how “strong” the treatment was, before the rash was only on his hands, now it has spread all over his body. The children were sent to the shelter with the diagnosis of “healthy”.

What is the purpose? Why to patients, himself child are patients being neglected? Send your specialists immediately, treat and heal these babies wherever you want, and hand them over to us.”

The Ministry of Health informed that Children’s Skin Venereal Dispensary No. 3 is not under the control of the Ministry.

From Children’s Skin Venereal Dispensary No. 3 to the issue Baku It was said that the General Health Center (BBSM) would clarify. In the statement issued by BBSM, it was mentioned that the issue is being investigated. (


Azerbaijan news

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