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The General Prosecutor’s Office warned “Channel 13”.

Published: 23 September 2022 17:16

“Noticeable materials have been removed from the channel”

Aziz Orujova, head of “Kanal 13” internet television, was warned at the General Prosecutor’s Office. Aziz Orujov himself informed Meydan TV about this.

He said that on September 22, he was called to the General Prosecutor’s Office in connection with the activities of the channel, where he gave an explanation.

It was claimed that in “Channel 13”. Azerbaijan Videos were posted that damaged the business reputation of the army, as well as overshadowed the work done in the direction of strengthening the state’s defense capabilities.

Aziz Orujov does not agree with this claim. He said that the purpose of “Channel 13” activity is society information is to provide with

The Press Service of the Prosecutor General’s Office told Meydan TV that “About information, informatization and information protection” and “National Aziz Orujov was warned based on the requirement of the law on security.

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The General Prosecutor’s Office also said that the materials that are the basis for the warning have been removed from the channel.

Aziz Orujov in May 2017 first 30 days administrative imprisonment was punished. About him on the day of the end of this sentence – June 1 crime work started A crime He was charged with articles 192 (illegal entrepreneurship) and 308 (abuse of official powers) of the Code. Although he was sentenced to 6 years in prison on these charges, Ali By court order 2018He was released from prison with a conditional sentence in April.

Aziz Orujov did not accept the accusations, saying that the internet television he led was punished for its critical activity.

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