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The head of “Kanal 13” television was warned

Head of “Kanal 13” internet television Dear OrujovA warning was issued by the General Prosecutor’s Office. A. Orujov himself informed about this. According to him, yesterday, September 22, he was invited to the General Prosecutor’s Office: “I was invited because of the activities of Channel 13.” I have explained there. I have reasoned and reasoned that the work we do is of society information serves to provide and our work has no other purpose”.

A. Orujov says that, despite this, he was warned: “I was told that the activity on “Kanal 13″ harms the country’s interests. I refused to sign the warning.”

From the Press Service of the Prosecutor General’s Office “TuranThey confirmed what A. Orujov said.

The institution informed that A. Orujov, the founder of YouTube channel “Kanal 13”, was warned: “On information, informatization and information protection” and “National On September 13, on “Kanal 13”, violating the requirements of the laws on “Security”. Azerbaijan “videos have been posted that damage the business reputation of the army and cast a shadow on the work done in the direction of strengthening the state’s defense capabilities.”

According to the statement, that information was removed from the channel after the warning.

A. Orujov on May 2, 2017 imprisonment was done. First, he was found guilty of resisting the police, 30 per day administrative imprisonment received the punishment. Shortly before the end of administrative detention, he was brought to the Investigative Department for Serious Crimes of the General Prosecutor’s Office crime work started, about imprisonment– gatimkan event was selected.

In December of that year Baku The Court of Serious Crimes sentenced the journalist to 6 years of imprisonment, finding him guilty of obtaining illegal income from unregistered grant funds. He did not accept the charge.

2018in April Ali His cassation appeal was considered in the court. Court about the journalist A crime Applying Article 70 (conditional) of the Code, he was released. His sentence was reduced from 6 years to 3 years.

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