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They took away the 70-kilogram safe of the general’s son-in-law in Baku – PHOTO |

On December 31 last year Baku Murad Allahverdiyev and Uveys Mammadov, who were accused of stealing 282,000 manats from an apartment in Binagadi district, were sentenced.

“Qafqazinfo” news gives that Baku In the Court of Serious Crimes judge Inspiration At the end of the process chaired by Mahmudov, M. Allahverdiyev was sentenced to 8 years, and U. Mammadov to 7 years. imprisonment was punished.

It was noted in the investigation that the victim in the case was the deputy minister of internal affairs until 2014. the police general A soldier He is Alakbarov’s son-in-law. The incident happened at his daughter’s house. Victim December 31 – 2 january in his apartment by unknown persons while he was on vacation with his family due to Eid 10 A safe containing 1,000 manats of cash, 150,000 dollars worth of jewelry and 15,000 manats worth of watches and other items was stolen. As soon as the information was received, the search for the perpetrators of the incident began. Police which was mentioned as a result of the urgent operational-search measures carried out by its employees crime Murad Allahverdiyev and Uveys Mammadov, residents of Zagatala district who were previously convicted and suspected of committing the crime, were detained shortly after. They admitted the incident in their testimony.

The damage caused in the case was 282 thousand manats. The stolen safe contained numerous expensive jewelry, a gold badge worth 1,800 manats, “Nikolai’s gold tithes”, “Atatürk’s tithe gold money” and other particularly valuable items.

In the court, Murad Allahverdiyev, the organizer of the crime, said that the house was pre-identified for theft and the safe weighing 60-70 kilograms was loaded into the car with the help of Uveys. After he opened the safe, her BakuGuba threw it into the water canal in Yashma settlement, which is located on the side of the road.

Note that, the police general– lieutenant A soldier Alakbarov worked as the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs in 1995-2014. (Caucasusinfo)

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