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WhatsApp denies accusations of cooperation with the Iranian government

Iran activists said that WhatsApp platform is blocking communication with Iranians outside the country amid ongoing protests in Iran

Meta company social network platforms Iran about their cooperation with the government Iran denied the claims of activists.

Iranian activists said that WhatsApp platform is blocking communication with Iranians outside the country amid ongoing protests in Iran.

Tehran Inside Iran due to nationwide protests over the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman WhatsApp blocked the use of the application.

Iran’s state television channels 26 people in protests perished they say it is.

However, on September 22, some users said that obstacles were also created for the WhatsApp communication of Iranian activists abroad.

These users accuse Meta’s platforms of collaborating with the Iranian government.

WhatsApp immediately responded to these accusations via Twitter:

“We exist by connecting the world individually. We support people’s right to private messaging. We do not block Iranian numbers. We are trying to maintain the connection of our Iranian friends with the world and we are doing our best to keep our service active within the limits of our technical capabilities.”

The answer was not satisfactory

However, this explanation of WhatsApp did not satisfy many Iranian activists. They want an explanation of the “technical reasons” from the platform.

Anonymous An international group of hacker activists accuses Meta of censoring information on the Iranian protests on the Twitter platform.

The group claims that Meta has committed similar acts in places like Myanmar, Syria and Palestine.

London-based Farsi-speaking Manoto TV has accused Meta of removing a large number of Iran-related videos from the channel’s Instagram website.

Many Iranian journalists and social media activists also say that Meta is deleting posts about anti-government protests in Iran.

Bammad Esmaili, an Iranian journalist living in Germany, said that the Iranian government offered a reward to Telus International, a Canadian company engaged in moderation work on the Instagram platform, in exchange for the deletion of accounts opposed to the Iranian government. offer did.

Esmaili did not substantiate his claims with evidence. Meta has not responded to these accusations.


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