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A family living in a coma in Astara: “I feel embarrassed when guests come”


In the village of Saliva, Astara, the Malikov family lives in a coma on the top of the forest.

Although they started building a new house two years ago, the war interrupted the construction.

Village resident Bahruz Ibrahimov says that the house he lived in years ago earthquake collapsed as a result.

Since then, the biggest complaint of the people of Saliva is that the village’s road is in bad condition. According to residents, the roads of this village have been in a bad condition for more than 50 years.

Village residents say that Saliva is so far away that they long for an ordinary market. They also have no pharmacies, no medical centers, and no routes that can take them to neighboring villages and the center.

Astara District Execution The authorities did not answer our questions. Mayor of Saliva, Nail Muradov, told BBC that already go to the village taken. Other problems will be solved gradually.

Azerbaijan news

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