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Feminists held an action in front of the Iranian embassy


Action the participants wanted to burn the symbolic ammam they had prepared

On September 27 Azerbaijan Representatives of the Feminist Movement in Baku Iran In front of the embassy protest action spent.

The goal was to support the struggle of women in Iran.

Speaking at the rally, Gulnara Mehdiyeva said that Iran the government restricts women’s freedom. They treat them as they wish.

Action the participants wanted to burn the symbolic ammam they had prepared. However the police intervened in the action and tried to remove the girls from the area.

Gulnara Mehdiyeva said that they are here to support Iranian feminists:

“We want them not to feel alone. Actions there the police is collapsing, its purpose is to protect Khamenei, our policemen are also interfering with us, they are also trying to protect Khamenei’s masculinity.”

Action Participant Narmin Shahmarzade said that a woman in Iran just because she did not wear hijab correctly the police beaten to death by:

“We to the officials who did it protest we do The ummah we bring symbolizes the ummah of those government officials. We tried to burn it. For us, the reaction must be destroyed. True, we could not burn it, it was symbolic anyway. The main thing is that, Iran We showed our attitude towards the government”.

The participants of the action said that women everywhere in the world should be independent about their choices. According to their clothes imprisonment and execution is not allowed:

“We send a message to the dictators from here. This bath is the bath of the representatives of that regime. We want the guardians of morality to be rejected.”

Narmin Shahmarzade expressed solidarity with the Iranian in-laws and their struggle. He said that women’s clothes are interfered with there, even those who were executed for this imprisonment There are women who are:

“The police are zealously defending the regime there, the police here also tried to protect Khamenei’s hat here. We are here to support women fighting for their freedom. Everyone is responsible for their clothing and no one can interfere with it.”

Anti-government protests have been going on in Iran for 11 days. Protests began across the country over the death of a 22-year-old woman. Mahsa Amini was taken to the police station for violating hijab rules and died there. Activists say the woman was beaten to death by the morality police.

According to official information, in protests perished the number of them is 41. Human rights activists report that at least 57 people died.

The government denies these accusations.

The Iranian Human Rights Organization said on September 25 that the Internet in the country blocking because of how many people in the protests perished it is impossible to know for sure.

Azerbaijan news

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