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Rafael released the last audio recording of martyr Mushfiq Abbasov

Honored artist Rafael Iskenderov, who went to war with his two sons from the first days of the Second Karabakh war martyr of Mushfiq Abbasov released the last recording.

The actor wrote the following in the video of the martyr’s photos:

“Today is September 27 – Memorial Day. These are the pictures you see, the audio in the video is mine martyr It belongs to my friend Mushvig Abbasov. It is also known from the voice that his greatest wish was to join the village of Abdal-Gulablı, where he was born. May God have mercy on all our martyrs.”

Martyr in the recording he says: “May God make it possible to spend next year’s holiday in our village, let’s invite you too, see what happens village there is God will give us that.”

It should be noted that from Abdal-Gulablı village of Agdam region mandatory M. Abbasov, who was displaced, joined the fighting that started on September 27 together with his sons Shamil and Intigam. M. Abbasov fought together with his brothers in the First Karabakh War.


Azerbaijan news

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