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Russians crossing the border with Georgia in 18 hours

“Telegram” users in Georgia – Russia on the border as well as practical advice and services to shorten waiting times offer they do

Sold out flight tickets. Queues stretching for kilometers at border crossing points. Russians trying to avoid Putin’s mobilization face serious difficulties.

Georgia is one of the few countries open to them. Upper Lars (Zemo Larsi) is the only gateway from Russia to Georgia. According to unconfirmed reports, Russia can close this link.

Among the Russians trying to move to Georgia social There are quite a few people who ask questions, ask for advice and share their experience in the media.

“Whether it was on our side or on the side of Georgia, they did not ask us anything. But the waiting time is too long! We got in line at 17:00 and were able to enter Georgia at 11:00 (the next day). Take plenty of water and food with you,” – In “Telegram” a Russian wrote a piece dedicated to the Upper Lars border crossing.

However, it seems that most Georgians are not very fond of them. “You don’t want to be killed only in Ukraine. You had seven months to oppose the war. But you supported Putin until your own door was knocked.” – one person wrote on that page.

Since the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24 this year, the West has punished Russia with sanctions and isolation. EU itself weather area Russia closed for planes. Finland is the only country that keeps entry open with a tourist visa. He is also thinking about changing this policy.

“RBK” business portal for September 21 and 22 in Moscow Istanbul, Yerevan, Dashvillage and informed that all flights to Baku are full. Long queues of cars have formed on all eastern, southern and western borders of Russia.

President Vladimir Putinfollowing the mobilization appeal in the country protest the wave has also risen. Hundreds of people imprisonment done. Minister of Defense of the country Sergei Shoigu He said that 300 thousand Russians will be mobilized. But more than 1 million to send the Kremlin to fight in Ukraine soldier news has spread that he intends to collect.

Although most of the people trying to cross the Upper Lars border crossing are in cars and trucks, there are also people who try to cross on foot and scooters.

According to a Russian who successfully crossed to Georgia, escaping from the hands of Russian border guards is not an easy task. “…It depends on the person who meets you at the border. They didn’t ask me anything. However, the officer at the window next to me asked many questions, insulted people, and accused them of leaving the country in difficult times. They did not allow a few people to cross to Georgia. According to my observation, every 20They sent the person back”– another Russian, who did not give his name, wrote in the mentioned “Telegram”.

Men of Russian border guards military There are also those who say that it is very stressful regarding the service situation. “We crossed the border at 14:00. There were 5 people in the car, aged 55, 19, 23, 35 and 45. Military service is available to all. Questioning a man 20 it takes minutes. The questions are: Name, surname, patronymic; birthplace; military have you been in service and a document about military service; have you been informed about the mobilization? There may be other questions. We all passed,” – another post says.

In the comments written in the group where tens of thousands of questions were asked, it is said that at the border, Russian men are also asked questions about their patriotism: “Why are you leaving the country? Are you a reserve officer? The country is in trouble. When will you be back? However, Russian border guards did not cause problems. They let us go.” – writes a Russian.

Defense Minister Shoigu said on September 21 that those with relevant combat and service experience are mobilized; conscripts and students will not be mobilized.

However, the news that the Kremlin is conscripting more people into the army, especially targeting ethnic minorities, did not wait long.

“Telegram” users Georgia – Russia on the border as well as practical advice and services to shorten waiting times offer they do.

“Have you reached the border by taxi and don’t know what to do? Buy a bicycle, moped, skateboard from us and easily cross the border. – wrote a business Russian.

Georgians also help Russians with a place to stay and a car offer there are those who do. Russians leaving their country and flocking to Georgia have already started since February when Putin attacked Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war, numerous actions in support of Ukraine have been held in Tbilisi and other cities of Georgia. Therefore, the government is trying to be cautious. Europe Prime Minister of Georgia when their country imposed sanctions against Russia Irakli Garibashvili refused to join the sanctions. This angered Georgian citizens.

President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili Voiced messages of support for Ukraine and Georgia 20Recalling that Russia was attacked in 2008, his country of Ukraine He said that he was with him.

Although there are Georgians ready to help Russians fleeing Putin’s mobilization in the “Telegram” group, where advice on crossing the border is shared, many do not feel sorry for them.

“You don’t need to come to Georgia! Go to your own Belarus! Don’t come to us, you don’t need to!” – one person wrote. Autocratic leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko By supporting Putin in this war, his country was subject to sanctions and isolation policies.

“Cowardly Russians flee their country” – wrote another user.


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