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The chief doctor in Azerbaijan tried to commit suicide

In social networks Information has been spread that Mirrahim Nabiyev, the head doctor of the Tuberculosis Dispensary located in Masalli district, attempted suicide by cutting his veins.

In the reports, it was said that M. Nabiyev was blackmailed by moneylenders, a large amount of interest was demanded from him, and because of this, he committed suicide. It was also noted that he was held hostage for 1 day by two brothers named Nadirov, after which he committed suicide.

The chief inspector of the Lankaran regional group of the MIA Press Service, Mahammad Rzayev, said in response to the inquiry of “Qafqazinfo” that an investigation is currently underway.

“That person medicine Masalli District regarding admission to the hospital with the diagnosis of poisoning Police The department received information. Since his condition is serious, he was taken to one of the medical institutions in Baku. An investigation is being conducted at the Masalli RPS regarding the fact. The details will be known after the interrogation and investigation of that person.”


Azerbaijan news

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