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The film reflecting the problems of trans women in Azerbaijan is at the international festival

Published: September 27, 2022 13:09

The director of the film is Vusala Hajiyeva, and the producer is Durna Safarova

Documentary-experimental film “Rabbit Decides to Go” reflecting common experiences and problems of trans women in Azerbaijan will be shown at the international festival.

The film, which will have its world premiere at Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival in Norway on September 28, is directed by Vusala Hajiyeva and produced by Durna Safarova.

After the screening, a discussion about the situation of queers in Azerbaijan will be organized with the film’s creative team.

“The purpose of making the film is to analyze what happened on a personal basis and to be able to look at the post-transition years of my life from the outside. As a representation, it is important for me that we tell our own story and that people hear these stories from our language”, says Vusala Hajiyeva, the director of the film.

Directing education Vusala Hajiyeva is also a poet and blogger.

Azerbaijan is the co-founder of Transvisionary, the first platform focused on trans topics.

“Home is not always a comfort zone. Sometimes the house can turn into a real hell. If the place where you are staying, your hometown and everything around you is making you uncomfortable and your life is in physical danger as the last straw, the only alternative is to run away. This is exactly what brought me to an unplanned trip – to Tbilisi. Adapting to a new life in a new city, solving the problems I brought with me and asking “what happens next?” I have to find an answer to the question”, – it is mentioned in the synopsis of the film.

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Azerbaijan news

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