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The trial of the social activist is coming to an end

Azerbaijan Europe Movement” and the head of “No Border Travel Agency” LLC, imprisoned social activist Ramin Hajili, which has been going on for months, is about to end. To his business Baku It is being tried in the Court of Serious Crimes.

Held on September 27 court At the meeting, the prosecutor requested that 16 people who were questioned in the court and named as witnesses in Ramin Hajili’s case be given the status of victims. We are talking about the people who said that they paid Ramin Hajili to prepare a fake document to go to a foreign country, get a visa, and submit a job reference to the embassy. The prosecutor said that the decision of the Constitutional Court allows this.

Ramin Hajili himself and his lawyer Rashad Aliyev to this petition of the prosecutor protest did. Lawyer says that if the new change eases the situation of the accused, then the law is retroactive. Innovation cannot be applied if it aggravates the person’s condition.

“If you want to start everything from scratch in this court, send the case to the preliminary investigation and start the investigation again. Except for two of the witnesses, none of the rest testified against me and did not complain. The visas of those two people have not been fixed, and I returned part of the money they gave. And the rest imprisonment I couldn’t return it because I was done,” said Ramin Hajılı.

Judge Free Majidov brought to the attention of the parties that this issue will be evaluated when the decision is finally made in the consultation room.

Answering the questions of his lawyer, Ramin Hajılı said that he has never assisted foreign citizens in obtaining visas.

“Because the embassies in Baku often refused to issue visas to foreign citizens.”

According to the lawyer, Ramin Hajili was also charged with organizing illegal migration. That article includes the illegal entry of foreigners or stateless persons into the country:

“However, there was no such issue in the activity of Ramin Hajili. Therefore, we ask that this accusation be terminated.”

Judge he said that this issue will be evaluated in the end of the meeting.

Ramin Hajılı says that during the investigation period inspector while taking a statement against him, he also wrote down ideas to the people that some of the money taken from them should reach some official:

Inspector ucdantutma wrote this to all, but did not reveal the official. In the documents, he mentioned this matter as “a person not determined by the investigation” and passed it over. He did this to aggravate my condition. I swear that there is no person whom the investigator “cannot identify through investigation”. This is a fabrication of the investigator himself.”

Court the process will continue on October 5.

It is stated in the indictment that in the process of obtaining a visa France, Hungary, Latvia and other countries’ embassies in Azerbaijan were presented with false documents about the place of work and bank funds of those persons. Ramin Hajili is accused of taking money from various people and deceiving them.

With him crime Sardar Iskandarov, chairman of the “Youth Scientific-Cultural Development” public association, Sarkhan Abdullayev, Uzeyir Bagirli, officials of “Yes Travel” LLC and others were separated during the investigation and sent to the court earlier. To their work now Baku The Court of Serious Crimes is heard by a different panel of judges. But they are not in prison.

Based on the statements of Ramin Hajili and others who were interrogated at the prosecutor’s office after being deported from Germany crime it is said that he was involved in the responsibility.

Many years ago, Ramin Hajili was the chairman of “Dalga” Youth Movement, he was represented in the Democratic Reforms and Umid parties. In October 2017, he was brought to justice on the charge of preparing a false document. Ramin Hajılı, who received a suspended sentence by the Nasimi District Court USA-a trip He was accused of submitting fake documents to the embassy for those who wanted to get a visa. he 2018In the summer of 2008, he was detained on the charge of attempting to cross the border illegally due to a suspended sentence. The information released by the State Border Service at that time stated that Ramin Hajili said that he owed about 250,000 manats and that he was trying to repay the debts by going abroad and working. He said that for this reason he moved to Georgia and from there Europe wanted to go to their countries.

He was last prosecuted in June 2021.

Ramin Hajili is guilty of preparing fake documents only for people who do not have an official place of work. He says that he worked in the field of tourism to provide for himself and his family. Many of the people who applied to the company to travel abroad did not have an official place of work. He also asked his acquaintances to register those persons in the institutions they lead and provide certificates.

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