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The Supreme Court decided to release Veli Asgarov from prison


The former minister has not yet been released

Ali Court Nakhchivan The past of the Autonomous Republic national Minister of Security reduced Veli Alasgarov’s sentence and decided to release him from prison.

On September 27 Ali In court judge A cassation appeal against the former minister was considered under the chairmanship of Nazim Movsumov. Veli Alasgarov’s lawyer Vüsnow Khasayev Ali In his complaint to the court, he emphasized that his client is innocent and about him crime Although he wanted the proceedings to be terminated, Ali Court reduced his sentence. In 2016, it was cut to 14 years imprisonment the sentence is 6 years and 9 months 20 reduced to a day.

Veli Alasgarov’s lawyer Vüsnow Khasayev said that the sentence set by the Supreme Court ended on September 27. For this reason, he took the extract from the new decision of the Supreme Court and went directly to Nakhchivan – the mixed-type prison where his client was kept. punishment came to the institution. According to the lawyer, despite presenting the decision of the Supreme Court, they did not release Veli Alasgarov:

“After waiting for about 3 hours, I was told that the issue will be resolved tomorrow (September 28). In fact, this is illegal. Because there is a decision of the Supreme Court and execution should be”.

Vusnow Khasayev. Source: “”

Veli Alasgarov A crime He was charged with articles 308 (abuse of official powers), 309 (exceeding authority) and 179 (embezzlement) of the Code. Ali Court to him A crime He described the charge given by articles 308 and 309 of the Code to article 341 (abuse of official powers or exceeding official powers). In addition to misappropriating the funds allocated to the institution he headed, he was also accused of illegal wiretapping of telephone conversations and giving instructions to beat a person.

However, the former minister did not consider himself guilty.

Veli Alasgarov resigned as minister in December 2015 free and then brought to criminal responsibility. His name was when he was a minister torture and other illegalities.

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