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“They arrested my son-in-law because I complained to the police” |


“When he was detained, they pushed him for no reason, tried to provoke him so that there would be a confrontation”

Bardanin Karademirchi village resident Tahira Guliyeva says that the district the police family members are pressured for complaining about the actions of the department’s employees. According to him, after his interview with Meydan TV about the indifference of the Barda police to the problem, they are trying to punish him through his family members.

Tahira Guliyeva told Meydan TV that after learning that she was a complainant, Barda district Police They called him from his department and threatened him:

“Finally, he slandered my son-in-law imprisonment they did. He caught it in the car under the pretext of “film”. the police they took to the department. When he was detained, they pushed him for no reason and tried to provoke him into a confrontation. Sarkhan is also a normal, cultured person, he did not go to this. said that child stay at school, you write a fine, take the car away, I’ll pay the fine and take the car…”

Tahira Guliyeva said that her son-in-law Sarkhan Asgarova was charged with resisting the police per day administrative imprisonment was punished.

He emphasized that in Barda, many of the Road Patrol Service chief Emin is dissatisfied with Musayev’s actions. Through it, serious problems are created for citizens: “They annoy people…”

Tahira Guliyeva complained about the indifference of the regional police department to what happened as a result of the enmity of a person named Mobil Khumbatov, who lives in the neighborhood in the village of Garademirchi. He said that the police did not prevent attacks and insults against his family, and their indifferent approach to the problem of the day may result in bleeding in one:

“They don’t think that we are not taking measures in time, if the situation continues like this, blood will be spilled. On the contrary, the police are threatening me. For two years I have been living in fear that my children will come home safely and that nothing will be done to them. I even ignore many actions, absorb them so that there is no tragedy. The other side does not calm down, it irritates. I wonder why the police are not taking action, waiting for someone to die?”

The Barda Reginal group of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Press Service told Meydan TV that Garademirchi village both regarding the controversial issue between residents Tahira Guliyeva and Mobil Humbatovun complaint they did. Based on their mutual complaints, the Barda District Police Department started investigations:

“Since the features indicated during the investigation related to the appeals are of a civil nature, the collected materials were appropriately employed in the Barda District Police Department. Preventive conversations were also held with the parties, and they were advised to apply to the district court in the matter.”

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