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They wrote a complaint on the grave of Putin’s parents… |

Complaint the letter was written on a sheet of the student’s diary

Unknown activists on the morning of September 27 Russia on the graves of President Vladimir Putin’s parents in St. Petersburg’s Serafimov Cemetery complaint they left the letter.

They tell parents about their son’s behavior complaint they did.

Photos of the action were published on the Telegram channel of the Feminist Anti-War Resistance.

This organization is the most diverse form of war in Ukraine protest conducts actions.

The letter reads:

“A group of unknown persons wrote a request to the parents of a boy, demanding to take educational measures about him.”

The letter of complaint is written on a sheet of the student’s diary:

“Dear parents! Your son is behaving very shamefully. He skips classes, fights with neighboring desks and threatens to blow up the school. Take measure!”

The photo was also published on the Telegram channel “Party of the Dead”.

Earlier, the houses of the activists of this art project were searched.

Vladimir Putin’s parents Putin and Maria Shelomova (Putina) died in 1999 and 1998.

That time Putin yet the president it hadn’t happened.


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