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Can Meloni create chaos in the EU?

Meloni’s biggest position change Russia is related to

Italy has elected its most right-wing government since World War II. Now Brussels Europe He is worried about serious differences with Italy, the EU’s third-largest economy and one of its six founding countries. These differences of opinion Russia it can cover many areas, from the issue of fiscal responsibility to the policy of fiscal responsibility, and become a new disruptive force in the Rome EU club. However, its impact will be felt most on sensitive issues such as minority rights and immigration. Because these areas are not regulated by the EU, but directly by the individual policies of the states.

Georgia Meloni and it is hard not to notice the historical symbolism of his Fratelli d’Italia party. Dictator of Italy after just one month Benito Mussoliniof “March to Rome”. 10It will be 0 years. This march resulted in a fascist coup d’état.

Although Meloni recently distanced himself from Mussolini, he and many of his party members have praised the dictator in the past. The logo of the party is neo-fascist Italy Social It is the same as the symbolism of its movement: the Italian tricolor in the form of a flame. This movement was created on the ashes of World War II. Meloni did not hesitate to use the slogan “God, country, family” associated with Mussolini’s regime.

The degree to which all this will affect Meloni’s success in the elections is not clear. But apparently his Mario DraghiThe decision to remain as the only party not to join the technocratic government that has been in power since 2021 was a successful move. 2018FdI, which collected only 4% of the votes in the elections of 2008, became the leader this time by collecting 26% of the votes. The difference with the second-placed center-left Democratic Party is 7%.

His Matteo Salvini‘s League party with an anti-immigrant and populist platform and ex Prime Ministermedia mogul Silvio Berlusconialliance with the Forza Italia party Parliament will have a majority in both chambers. Meloni will thus become Italy’s first female prime minister.

But Meloni on some issues political seems to have changed its position. He no longer wants to take Italy out of the euro zone, and suddenly NATOhas become a big fan of Moreover, although he previously spoke out against Brussels’ intervention in the Italian economy, he now promises to balance the budget.

Meloni’s biggest positional change Russia is related to Both right-wing and left-leaning Italian politicians have historically been soft on the Kremlin, Russian tourism and gas supported their contracts. Meloni himself was no different in this sense. He opposed EU sanctions against the Kremlin after Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. Four years after that Vladimir PutinHe pathetically called his victory in the elections “the unanimous will of the Russian people”.

Recently, however, Meloni has strongly criticized Russia’s attack on Ukraine, supported sanctions against Russia, and even advocated sending weapons to Kiev. In Italy in general, there is a difference of opinion on this issue.

Some Brussels officials, who did not want to be named, are positive about the changes observed in Meloni. They think Meloni did it to show himself as a reliable partner. A small number of official, esp of Ukraine he thinks that Rome will try to “kill the sanctions” as it is increasingly successful on the battlefield. But Brussels officials still expressed displeasure with other figures in Meloni’s party, most notably his two coalition partners.

Berlusconi, who has been friends with Putin for a long time, said last week that Putin simply Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky caused serious concern by saying that he “wants to replace his government with worthy people and is doing so at the request of the Russian people and ministers”. Salvini said that the West should “reconsider” its sanctions and tried to go to Russia for a “peace mission” in the summer. Moreover, his party is Putin’s “Unit Russia” signed a cooperation agreement with the party.

But how strong will Meloni’s influence be? Italy is not expected to cause much trouble in economic matters. Rome from the EU’s post-covid recovery fund 200 billion euro (193 billion dollars) will receive. This is the highest amount among member countries. This winter inflation and increased energy prices background, this amount will help a lot. Although Meloni promised to renegotiate the terms of the recovery fund, Europe The Commission will allow only minor changes.

Meloni’s Europe The biggest impact on politics may be on issues of immigration, abortion and LGBT rights. These are issues that he strongly opposes and has not changed his mind. Prime Minister if it happens, he will not only rule Italy. Because he is also the president of the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) group. Poland to this pan-European group of the European Parliament judge Law and the Justice Party, as well as the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Fialaincludes the Citizen Democratic Party. The Sweden Democrats, which became the largest right-wing force in their country after the September elections, are also members of the ECR. This party will either be part of Sweden’s new government or support it.

Rome is expected to back Budapest and Warsaw in their disagreements with Brussels on a range of issues, from the rule of law to media freedom and gay rights. These are issues where the EU has been trying to exert more influence in recent years, but could struggle without Italy’s support. The same can be said about immigration. Meloni even voiced the idea of ​​imposing a sea barrier on Libya to prevent migrants from crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

Meloni is expected to make the EU a more chaotic place at a time when it needs it most, even if it does not tear Brussels apart.


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