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Policemen who kicked beggars in Baku were fired

Policemen who kicked beggars in Baku were fired.

This was reported by Nurlan Aliyev, an employee of the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

He said that in social networks with people begging in the center of the capital the police videos showing the dispute between employees were distributed: “Despite repeated warnings and administrative disciplinary measures being taken against those persons, they continued to beg with minor children.

Today, he is again serving in the area to prevent their begging the police argued with employees. This time the police the employee’s action against the citizen is certainly not acceptable, it is unacceptable. Therefore, two employees who were rude to those persons were brought to disciplinary responsibility and removed from their positions free were done.

At present, service checks have started on them. An appropriate decision will be made depending on the result.”


Azerbaijan news

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