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“I complained about corruption, the chief said, what does the director do for a living?” |


Education expert: “Directors are formally subordinate to the minister, they execution they settle accounts with their leaders”

Agjabedi district, Hindarkh settlement Child Zohrab Huseynov, deputy director of the Music School, tar teacher, says that he faced injustice.

The teacher told Meydan TV about this.

According to him, he has been teaching at the school for ten years, twenty-four hours a day.

A few months ago, the director of the school Primary Agalarov reduced his study hours by half:

“The director told me that from now on my class hours will be 7-8 instead of 24. When I asked the reason, he said that it was the Regional Culture Department chief It is the task of Ghalib Hasanov. After some time passed, during the meeting held on August 30, I learned that the director wrote 32 or even 36 lesson hours for some teachers and took the money himself.”

Agjabedi district, Hindarkh settlement Child Music school.

Source: “”

The deputy director says that the Agjabedi Regional Culture Department is related to the issue chief Galib met with Hasanov:

“I informed him that there is such a fact of corruption. Galib Hasanov also defended the director, saying, what should he do for a living? I was stunned after the chief’s statement. I thought that Galib Hasanov is defending him because he is in collusion with the director.”

Complainant President Although he wrote a letter to his administration, the Anti-Corruption Department, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Finance, the State Security Service, the Agjabedi District Prosecutor’s Office, and the Agjabedi District Department of the State Security Service, he says that his application was not considered:

“I received a response from the Anti-Corruption Department that my complaint is being sent to the Ministry of Culture. Why don’t you investigate the matter yourself? The Ministry of Culture will also send the complaint to the Regional Office. With this, they want to cover up the incident.”

Anti-corruption Office. Source:

Zohrab Huseynov claims that school the director threatens him:

“He called and threatened my family that if you die, see what I will do to you. Unfortunately, after I have applied to so many places, there is no result. No serious investigation is conducted, those persons are not punished.”

Music school director Primary Although Agalarov said that he will answer the issue only after an official appeal, he did not answer Meydan TV’s request.

Agjabedi Regional Culture Department did not respond to Meydan TV’s request either.

Meydan TV was told by the Internal Control and Audit Department of the Ministry of Culture that an investigation is being conducted on the issue:

“The public can be informed after the result of the investigation is known.”

Science and Education Member of the Public Council under the Ministry Ilgar In his statement to Meydan TV, Orujov said that he had not come across such cases and was very surprised.

Photo: Ilgar From Orujov’s personal archive

“Science and Education Never to the Ministry, as well as to the Public Council regarding the occurrence of such cases complaint not included. We always appeal to citizens – teachers, students – all subjects of education, to contact us immediately if there are any facts related to illegal demands, cases of money collection, or the arbitrariness of directors. If there are such cases, it is possible to investigate it only when there is an official request.

The council member also said that giving teachers extra hours of study, in exceptional cases, vacancy can be done through:

“In general, there are norms regarding the maximum number of hours a teacher should teach and the minimum number of hours. As a whole, these are regulated within the framework of specific norms.”

Minister of Culture in December 2021 Pomegranate Karimov said that there are non-transparent procedures in music schools. The minister put forward the proposal to delegate the process of hiring music teachers to the State Examination Center (SEC). had driven:

“We want to draw a new road map in this direction. Apply certain criteria and methodology for the recruitment of teachers. We want to involve specialized institutions, as well as the State Examination Center, in this process. The Ministry of Culture should stay out of the process.”

Commenting on the issue, education expert Nabatali Gulamoglu tells Meydan TV that teachers should be assigned lessons according to their scores in the recruitment exam:

“The logical explanation is that an educated teacher should teach more. This is not in the form of an order, but a recommendation of the minister. I have repeatedly emphasized that the directors should formally submit to the minister. School directors execution they settle accounts with their leaders. The main part of the money collected from the schools by the principals execution given to their heads. Because the nomination of heads of education departments of the district Mayor gives That’s why directors are arbitrary.”

Nabatali Gulamoglu

The expert says that the state sector in Azerbaijan currently operates as it did in the 80s:

“In other words, at that time, the state poured money into collective farms and state farms to revive the situation and put it in order. The money was eaten by the storekeeper, the chairman of the collective farm, and the foreman. Right now, the public sector, that is, our schools, is in that situation. It is arbitrariness, and the main reason is food. no obvious complaint you do, there is no one watching. The situation is dire in all areas. The director of the school delivers money to the authority above him – first of all, the head of the executive. He is confident because he has his back. School they choose people for the position of director who can pass every game and do everything. Good a bribe to be able to collect it, to be able to deliver it. Let the teachers have a fist.”

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