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The chief architect of Lankaran and the department head of the psychiatric hospital were arrested

The chief architect of Lankaran and the department head of the psychiatric hospital were arrested.

This was reported by the Press Service of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

It was reported that Prosecutor General Lankaran District as a result of urgent operational-search measures carried out on the basis of citizen appeals received by the General Anti-Corruption Department Execution Head of the Architecture and Construction Department of the Office of the Head of Government – chief architect Abdullayev Elgun Azizulla oghlu and head of the Lankaran City Inter-Regional Psychiatric Hospital Nuriyev Nasreddin Shahrza oghlu from the citizens in connection with the performance of their official duties a bribe while buying crime they were caught in the head.

With operational measures, various amounts were collected from individual citizens who applied to Elgun Abdullayev for the documentation related to individual residential houses and non-residential areas built on the land plots located in the region, as well as for the approval of the projects of those areas in the department headed by Elgun Abdullayev, while working in the mentioned position. a bribe reasonable suspicions have been established regarding his request.

Also, in the other direction of the operational measures implemented, Nasreddin Nuriyev, the head of the department of the inter-regional Psychiatric hospital, while working in the mentioned position, presented the epicrisis related to the disease to the citizen, as well as knowingly included false information in its content. medical from a relative of the last person who applied to him in exchange for sending the documents to the appropriate electronic system for determining the degree of disability of that person a bribe reasonable suspicions have been identified.

Based on sufficient evidence collected in the case A crime With the relevant articles of the Code crime by the decision of the court to declare charges against Elgun Abdullayev under Article 311.3.2 (repeated bribery) of the same Code imprisonment preventive measure, and Nasreddin Nuriyev was charged with articles 311.1 (bribery) and 313 (falsification of office) and, taking into account his age, the main preventive measure was chosen as house arrest, and additional preventive measure was chosen as dismissal.

At present, operational-investigative measures are being continued around the other features indicated in the numerous citizen appeals, which were damaged by the actions of the accused persons of the same nature.

“Citizens who have been subjected to the illegal actions of the mentioned persons to the “961” Call Center of the General Prosecutor’s Office, Prosecutor General in addition to the “161-Hotline” contact center of the General Anti-Corruption Department, as well as social they are requested to refer to their pages on the networks”, the information stated.


Azerbaijan news

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