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Torture videos have been investigated and some have been arrested

Azerbaijan General Prosecutor’s Office Armenia whose soldiers were reported to have been shot and torture says that he is examining the videos with his images.

Senior Assistant to the Attorney General for Special Assignments Ilgar Safarov said at the briefing held on October 6 that some mass information means and social those videos spread on media pages were analyzed: “Although some videos have been determined to be fake, serious doubts have arisen that some of them are true and reflect reality.”

According to him, two Azerbaijan An investigation was carried out regarding the insulting actions of Armenian soldiers killed during military operations in Zangilan region. In addition, two soldiers in Madatli village of Khojavand region, by destroying gravestones belonging to Armenians, committed insulting actions against them. “According to the decision of the court against four persons imprisonment– gatimkan event was selected. For the investigation of those persons to be completed and reviewed military sent to the courts, those persons court they were convicted by their sentences”.

It was also said at the event that in the events of September Armenia six people who were tortured to death by their soldiers and whose images were circulated Azerbaijan citizen’s body was handed over to them.

On October 2 in social networks Azerbaijan and Armenia videos showing alleged soldiers being shot and corpses being insulted have been released.

In another video, a group of soldiers and civilians military and desecrates corpses in civilian form. It was claimed that the dead soldiers and civilians were Azerbaijanis, and those who insulted them were Armenian soldiers.

International organizations and their representatives have issued numerous requests for the investigation of these videos.

On September 12-13 Azerbaijan and Armenia on the border the situation was tense again. The parties blame each other for the ceasefire violation.

Armenia emphasized that the Azerbaijani military entered their territory, while Azerbaijan was facing provocations from the other side.

It was reported that a ceasefire was reached between the parties on September 14.

2020As a result of the 44-day Second Karabakh War, Azerbaijan regained control over a part of Karabakh and 7 surrounding districts. Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia after the cessation of hostilities with the joint statement signed by the leadership of the Lachin Corridor and the contact line in Karabakh Russian peacekeepers placed.

The Karabakh conflict that started in 1988 Azerbaijan and Armenia caused fights between Until the cease-fire agreement in 1994 Azerbaijan The Nagorno-Karabakh region and 7 adjacent districts were occupied.

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Azerbaijan news

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