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Published: 23 November 2022 21:16

Haji Tahir’s son is accused of fraud

Huseynag Shahmarov, who was accused of fraud against the person he met during the pilgrimage to Mecca, was sentenced. he A crime 178 (fraud) and 32.312 (a bribe incitement to give) – even if he is found guilty of taking money and cheating under the name of passing goods through customs, imprisonment has not been done.

Investigation and court Huseynaga Shahmarova, who remained free during the period, on November 23 Baku A suspended sentence was given in the Court of Serious Crimes.

Huseynaga Shahmarov is the son of Tahir Shahmarov (Haji Tahir), the representative of the Caucasus Muslims Administration, and the imam of the “Taza Pir” mosque.

A crime it is known from the materials of his case that Huseynaga Shahmarov customs acted as a broker. He received 4,000 manats from a person named Jeyhun whom he met during Hajj pilgrimage. Huseynaga Shahmarov heard that Baku Head Customs There are 3 truckloads of goods belonging to Jeyhun in his office and they do not let them out of the office.

It is claimed that Huseynaga Shahmarov promised him that his goods would pass through customs easily. State working there Tax Due to his personal acquaintance with the employees of his service, 2 vehicles were released from the area. The third car was not released from the office because it contained risky goods. At this time, Jeyhun protest and said that he paid for the release of his goods. After that, the issue was resolved. He said that for each car 20He gave 00 manat money.

Money of Huseynaga Shahmarov who testified in court a bribe said that he did not buy:

“I have been to Mecca 8 times, I am not a spender. I knew teacher Javid, who worked as a tax deputy. As a broker, we used to communicate with Mr. Javid there. I asked him to release Jeyhun’s goods. Jeyhun willingly gave me money so that you suffered. Then I returned that money to myself…”

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