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John McFall, the world’s first disabled astronaut, was selected for the European Space Agency

Europe The Space Agency (ESA) introduced to the world the 2022 Astronaut Training Class, which it opened after 13 years to train new astronauts, at a press conference in Paris, the capital of France. ESA’s new class of 17 people broke new ground. British paralympian John McFall participated in ESA as the world’s first disabled astronaut.

McFall, who ESA calls a “para-astronaut,” will be involved in research that will allow ESA to assess the conditions necessary for people with disabilities to participate in future missions. McFall will join space training troops to work with designers and engineers to see if he can be the first disabled person to go into space.

McFall, who was among more than 22,500 applicants for the ESA, including 257 with disabilities, said he hopes to inspire others and show that science and, potentially, space is for everyone.

After losing a leg in a motorcycle accident at the age of 19, McFall competed as a Paralympic runner. McFall 20At the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008 10He won a bronze medal in the 0-meter race. (UAV)

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Azerbaijan news

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