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Objection to the statement of the Minister of Education


“If teachers’ salaries are high, they will not avoid teaching in the regions”

“Currently, it is bought by a primary school teacher Salary more than the director of any research institute.”

According to the website “”, it is science and education Minister Emin Amrullayev during his speech at the XXV Republican Scientific Conference of Doctoral Students and Young Researchers said.

“This is not just a result. In recent years, special attention has been paid to the recruitment of teachers, the recruitment is carried out on the basis of competition. The certification process of teachers has already been started and their salaries have been increased according to the results. The first participants in the process were primary school teachers. Since 2015, certain steps have been taken in this direction and the process will be continued. Thus, we are able to achieve desired results”, the minister noted.

A primary school teacher of one of the schools in Imishli district, who does not want to be named because of the threat of losing his job, tells Meydan TV that their salaries are not high at all.

Perhaps, while making a comparison, the minister pointed to the low salaries of the directors of the research institute:

“Maybe the directors of research institutes labour the minister wanted to draw attention to them because their fees are lower. The salary of primary school teachers varies according to experience and education. On average Salary It is between 550-600 manats. In some schools, the teacher takes two classes, and their salary is 900-1000 manats. If teachers’ salaries are high, education those who give will not refrain from teaching in schools in the regions”.

Education expert Elchin Efendi tells Meydan TV that he partially agrees with the minister’s opinion.

He adds that there are primary school teachers whose salaries are high. There are also teachers who, on the contrary, work for a low salary. This is due to their seniority, teaching hours:

“For example, there are primary school teachers who teach both at the primary level and in preparatory school groups. Of course, the salary of such teachers may be more than the monthly income of the directors of the institutes under Elmar Academy. But this does not mean that all teachers are like that. It depends on the teaching hours of the teachers. There are teachers who charge 800-900 manats Salary takes But the salaries of employees working in the direction indicated by the ministry vary between 400-700 manats.

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