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D-18 Movement activist the police by torture he says what he saw

The appeal against the decision on the 30-day administrative arrest of Afiyaddin Mammadov, a member of the Board of Directors of the Democracy-1918 (D-18) Movement, was considered.

On November 23 Baku In the Court of Appeals judge Held under the chairmanship of Javid Huseyn court Afiyaddin Mammadov himself participated in the meeting. He said that what was written in the decision of the Khatai District Court dated November 12, 2022 about breaking the car window and resisting the police is a complete lie. According to him, on November 11, around 21.00-22.00 in the evening, near the “Ahmadli” metro station, while he was going home with his friend, six people in civilian clothes stopped them and forced them into a car. Baku Head of the city Police They brought it to the office. They were put in separate rooms.

Afiyaddin Mammadov says that the administration asked him to give the password to access his phone. He refused to give it. That is why he was tortured there. According to him, they hit him on the head and body, and even beat him on the ground after he fell down. Then manage it chief they took him to his deputy, and around 2 o’clock at night, Khatai district, 37 the police brought to the department. The next day again Baku According to the activist, who said that he was taken to the city’s General Police Department and asked for the password of his phone, he refused to give the password this time as well. They returned him to the unit and took him to the Khatai District Court. Without providing a lawyer in court, without conducting any investigation, about 30 days administrative imprisonment the decision was made.

Afiyaddin Mammadov emphasized that he gave an interview to “” internet television a few hours before he was detained in the evening of November 11. In an interview, he said that if the police do not provide any information about the whereabouts of another member of the D-18 Movement, Orkhan Zeynalov, protest will hold an action.

Besides being a member of the Movement, Orkhan Zeynalov is also a courier of “Wolt” company. Afiyaddin Mammadov is the founder of the “Workers’ Table” Coalition of Trade Unions and is engaged in the protection of workers’ rights. Even some time ago, when the couriers of the “Wolt” company held a boycott, one of the organizers was Afiyaddin Mammadov.

Orkhan Zeynalov, whose bicycle he used for work was stolen some time ago, to the police complaint did. However, the bicycle was not found and Orkhan Zeynalov was dissatisfied with the result in social networks By sharing a satirical article, the police a bribe accused of buying and protecting the criminal. One day after that – November 10family members reported that Orkhan Zeynalov was sitting at home when the police came and took him away. From Orkhan Zeynalov for more than a day news did not come out. At that time, Afiyaddin Mammadov said that if information about his location is not given, protest will hold an action.

Later it became known that Orkhan Zeynalova was also charged with resisting the police per day imprisonment was punished.

In the appellate court attorney Zibeyda Sadigov filed a motion to review the camera footage. torture a request should be sent to the Baku City Police Department to investigate the complaint. However, the petition was not granted.

In general, judge Javid Hussein did not satisfy the appeal – 30 days of the Khatai District Court imprisonment the decision was upheld.

Afiyaddin Mammadov’s arrest warrant Europe to the Court of Human Rights complaint will be sent.

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