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“Military equipment is transported to the territories of Azerbaijan where the peacekeepers are located” |


Jeyhun Shadlinski did not exclude the creation of conditions for provocations in those areas

Russia where the peacekeeping contingent is temporarily located Azerbaijan to their territories military techniques are transported.

These views are expressed by the State Security Service (SSS) Heydar Jeyhun Shadlinski, the first deputy head of the National Security Service, spoke at the conference on “Experiences of the Patriotic War” held at the Academy named after Aliyev.

He said that creating conditions for the implementation of various provocative actions in those areas is also noteworthy:

Iran special service agencies To Azerbaijan they actively carry out intelligence-disruptive activities against Necessary measures are being taken in this direction.”

Information Azerbaijan Official of the Security Service sitespread it.

Regarding the opinions expressed Russia There was no statement from the peacekeeping contingent and the official institutions of Armenia.

2020Second, which started on September 27 and lasted 44 days Karabakh war 10 ended with the November statement.

After that, the ceasefire regime between the parties was repeatedly violated, 3 of them being large.

There were casualties and injuries on both sides. The parties who blamed each other for all these incidents issued various statements and accused each other of not wanting peace.

Most recently, on November 23, Armenia Ministry of Defence reported that Azerbaijan A soldier was injured as a result of the fire opened by the party.

Azerbaijan Ministry of Defence denied this information and said it was a “lie”.

Jeyhun Shadlinski also said that the opposite forces in Armenia are trying to obstruct the work done in the direction of normalizing relations between the parties:

“Armenia’s allocation of financial resources to armaments and army building beyond its means, modern weapons and equipment from various foreign countries military his attempts to buy special equipment, his tendency to delay the signing of the peace agreement by using all possible means are worrying points.

Armenia Prime Minister Nicole Pashinyan and every time in his speeches, he accuses the Azerbaijani side of not wanting to come to peace.

It is based on this Armenia put into circulation by the government Armenia-Azerbaijan on the border shows the opening of the exit points:

“Yerevan is ready to provide such communication, but this decision is not accepted for some reason. Apparently, this is Azerbaijan way doesn’t want This means that Armenia has fully fulfilled its obligations. “Azerbaijan simply does not want to use the opportunity.”

“If Azerbaijan really wants peace and is ready for it, let’s open those passport control points”, – Nicole Pashinyan said.

Azerbaijan news

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