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NATO declared that it is ready to intervene! New development in the crisis between Serbia and Kosovo: The two countries agreed |

There has been tension between Kosovo and Serbia due to the plate crisis. Sirens were heard in Kosovo as Kosovo Serbs closed border crossings with Serbia in the north of the country. At a time when tension in the region was increasing, statements came one after the other and NATOKosovo Force (KFOR) announced that they are ready to intervene if stability in northern Kosovo is threatened. After the events, the Kosovo government announced that they were postponing the decision with Serbia, which caused the crisis, by one month. In the current crisis Europe on Foreign Relations and Security Policy of the Union (EU). Ali Representative Josep Borrell announced that the two countries have reached an agreement.


Europe on Foreign Relations and Security Policy of the Union (EU). Ali Representative Josep Borrell, social In his media account, he announced that an agreement had been reached between Kosovo and Serbia on the “plate crisis” and said, “We reached an agreement today.” This will prevent escalation of tensions between Kosovo and Serbia. I am very pleased to report that as part of the assistance to the EU, the chief negotiators of Kosovo and Serbia have agreed on measures to prevent further escalation of tensions and are focused on a proposal to normalize their relations. “We will discuss the next steps within our proposal for the normalization of relations between the two sides.

Thanking the EU’s special representative for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and other Western Balkan regional issues, Miroslav Lajcak, and the parties for their “hard work”, Borrell said: “Serbia is the name of the cities of Kosovo car will stop issuing numbers and Kosovo will also be suspended. other procedures related to vehicle re-registration. “I will invite the parties to discuss the next steps,” he said.


Kosovo authorities issued by Serbia, stating that ethnic Serbs in the region should use Kosovo numbers car asked them to hand over their numbers. However, since Serbia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo, the situation has caused tension in the region. The EU held a negotiation meeting between Pristina and Belgrade to avoid escalating tensions, but the situation was not resolved. Kosovo authorities have announced that they will impose a fine of 150 euros on those who do not hand over the plates.


A few days ago, talks were held between Serbia and Kosovo to resolve the crisis, and Borrell said the outcome of the meeting was disappointing. Borrell on the matter NATOannounced that he had informed Jens Stoltenberg, the general secretary of , and Stoltenberg stated that he had spoken with Borrell and said, “We are disappointed that it was not possible to resolve the plate dispute. Now is the time for responsibility and pragmatic solutions. Avoid tension. NATO KFOR continues its vigilance.”

Source: DHA

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