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Taliban reinstates flogging |

On November 23, three women and nine men were flogged in a provincial stadium in Afghanistan in front of hundreds of people. “AP” writes that the administration of the religious extremist group in the 1990s has restored the cruel form of punishment.

The governor’s office of Logar province, south of the capital Kabul, invited “honorary scholars, mujahideen, elders, tribal chiefs and the local community” to the stadium in the city of Pul Alam. Social it was written in the media that the event will be held at 9 am.

21-39 lashes were given to each of the persons found guilty of theft and adultery by the local court. According to the official of the provincial governor’s office, hundreds of people went to the event and took drawing is prohibited.

The reinstatement of this punishment is due to the Taliban’s intention to strictly enforce Sharia law news gives, the agency reports.

“Sharia law is the only solution to Afghanistan’s problems and must be implemented,” – Deputy governor of Logar Enayatullah Shuja flogging execution he said in his statement after the incident.

Public flogging, execution, stoning Taliban 1996-20It was widespread during the reign of 01 years. 20In the year 01 USA He captured Afghanistan and overthrew the Taliban.

However 20 a year later, in August 2021 USA and the Taliban returned to power as other foreign forces left the country.

The Taliban, which took power last year, have promised softer policies and rights for women and minorities. However, grouping limits the rights and freedoms of girls after the sixth grade education prohibits him from buying.

On November 11, the Taliban publicly flogged for the first time execution 19 men and women were given 39 lashes each for alleged theft, adultery, and running away from home.

The Taliban’s rule is marked by an economic crisis, and the international community does not recognize it.


Azerbaijan news

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