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The journalist is wanted in Russia

Published: November 24, 2022 13:24

Andrey Karaulov is not known under which article he was wanted

Russia Ministry of Internal Affairs about journalist Andrey Karaulov crime opened the case and searched.

About this on November 24 in the database of the ministry news placed.

It is noted that Karaulov crime is wanted under the article, but it is not disclosed with which article he is being searched.

A. Karaulov previously underwent a heart operation in Dubai and said that he plans to return to Russia after that.

On November 3, the journalist’s house was searched.

According to A. Karaulov according toinvestigations were carried out on the defamation case.

A. Karaulov more Russia “Moment of Truth” (1992-2016) and “Russian Age” (1998-2006) is known as the author and presenter of journalistic programs.

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