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The PFLP activist who was arrested after being deported is free

Published: 24 November 2022 17:04

Zia Ibrahimli was released from prison by the decision of the court

From Germany To Azerbaijan administrative procedure immediately after deportation imprisonment Done, more on that later crime work started Zia Ibrahimli was released on November 24. He was released from prison by the decision of the Bilasuvar District Court.

Zia Ibrahimli regarding alimony obligations court decision execution was accused of not doing. With this accusation, he was previously sentenced to 30 days of administrative detention by the decision of the Bilasuvar District Court imprisonment the decision was made. After A crime 306.1 of the Code (Court verdict, decision or other act execution do not do) with the article crime work has begun.

Ziya Ibrahimli’s lawyer Elchin Sadigov said that mentioned in the accusation court obligations under the decision (amount of alimony collected) in full execution as it is court terminated the criminal case.

Azerbaijan People’s Front Party (PFCP) Ziya Ibrahimli, one of the activists in Bilasuvar district 2018-in the president After the election, he left the country and went to Germany. he political as an immigrant, he applied for a residence permit, but received a “no” answer from the relevant German authorities. After some time, a deportation order was issued against him.

Ziya Ibrahimli on May 19, 2022 To Azerbaijan immediately after the return imprisonment was done.

Public deported from Germany during the last yearpolitical 6 activists were arrested. Most of them were charged with drugs, and one was charged with injury. Those arrested are mainly in Azerbaijan of human rights breach, political held in Germany regarding prisoners protest are the persons participating in the actions.

They said the charges were false, in Germany Azerbaijan they say they were punished for participating in protests against his government.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has declared that the opinions expressed in this regard are groundless.

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