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“They did not appoint targeted social assistance for hazelnut seedlings” |


Ilaha Hasanova talks about the weight of life

“They came and looked and said, you have allotment land and hazelnut seedlings. I said, they are newly planted and have not yet borne fruit. Moreover, there is no water to water those trees. Planted, withered and lost. They left, addressed after a while social they sent a refusal to assign assistance.”

Bahmetli, tell me this to Meydan TV village resident Ilaha Hasanova says.

“Without my neighbors, we would starve to death”

Head of the family Rashad Huseynov due to illness labour cannot engage in activities. Ilaha khanim takes care of him and his children, who are constantly having health problems, so he can’t work either. As a result, the family has a financial crisis, and the neighbors help them to make ends meet. The goddess says, it’s good that they are there:
“Without my neighbors, we will starve to death. Everyone is cheating on each other. Baba Devlet puts his hand on his hand and watches. The neighbor is waitingflourlet my two children, who grew up with the bread and clothes of a relative, reach the age of 18, come, take them from my hand, throw them into the fire, and then bring them and leave the coffin at the door and run away.”

As soon as she gets the chance, Mrs. Ilaha goes to the hazelnut state farms of Zagatala and collects hazelnuts. But this is not always the case:
“It is a seasonal job, one month, two months… The monthly income is between 150-180 manats. I take the money from there and return the debt of the collected light and firewood. I have no opportunity to work permanently, life my friend he cannot move freely, one of the children is in the 6th grade and the other is in the 11th grade.

“I’m fed up with collecting documents”

According to Mrs. Ilaha, although they presented her husband’s medical documents and other necessary documents, they returned them to themselves citing that the documents had expired:
“You collect the documents, they delay so much, and then they tell you that the time has passed, go again… Then you go through that doctor and this doctor again for months, and you begin to collect documents with cruelty, and the same thing happens again.”

Family addressed social also applied for help. He faced a similar attitude. According to the lady, each time she collected documents, and as a result, the share land in the name of her husband and the hazelnut seedlings on it were brought to the addressee. social a refusal to assign assistance was given:
“That shared land is of no use to us. No water goes there. That land has never been cultivated, as I said, it is in such a place that there is no water. “We planted seedlings only recently, and they are drying up.”

Ilaha Hasanova says that she is tired of collecting documents for her husband’s disability designation and targeted social assistance, and getting rejected every time.

State Medical– Social Expertise and Rehabilitation Agency told Meydan TV that Rashad Huseynov’s documents have been received and the evaluation is underway. The citizen will be informed about the result.

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