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Turkey attacked the Kurdish forces protecting the camp in Syria

Wednesday – November 23 Turkey It targeted the Kurdish forces controlling the Al-Hol detention camp in northern Syria. It is reported that up to 50,000 people, including relatives of suspected jihadists, are being held in the camp. The Kurdish forces and the war monitoring organization, which gave the information to “AFP”, said there were no losses.

After the Nov. 13 suicide attack in Istanbul that killed six people, Ankara to Iraq and Syria weather began to strike.

Turkey its planes hit the (Kurdish) Asayish security forces in the camp five times,” – the spokesman of the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). Farhad Shami said.

According to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the strikes also targeted forces guarding the camp from the outside, which “caused panic among camp residents.”

Al-Holda from dozens of countries 10 more than a thousand foreigners are also detained. Syrian displaced people and refugees from Iraq also stay in this camp, it is considered the largest camp of displaced people.

The SDF issued a warning that the relatives of the jihadists could escape from the camp.

USA In 2019, the Kurdish forces supported by the coalition expelled the fighters of the “Islamic State” armed group from the territory of Syria.

Since last Sunday, Ankara has been striking some parts of Iraq and Syria within the framework of the “Claw-Sword” Operation.

On November 23, Ankara said that it will resolutely protect its border with Syria from Kurdish forces and threatened a ground operation “at the most appropriate time”.

Ankara is also targeting Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) reserve bases. European Union and USA considers this group to be terrorists.

The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, which dominates the SDF, are also targeted.

Both Kurdish groups claimed no responsibility for the attack in Istanbul.


Azerbaijan news

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