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Shamkir’s past Mayor Alimpasha Mammadov was given to him a bribe, accepts the charges of embezzlement, abuse of office. However, he says that he did not use the obtained funds for his personal benefit.

“I completely agree with the charges, no problem. However, I did not spend those funds for my personal benefit. In the accusation crime the funds indicated to have been obtained through the means were used in the administration of the district,” Mammadov, who has been in prison for more than a year and a half, said this on November 24, while commenting on the accusations in court.

3.3 million shares for 40 manats

Ex execution to the work of the head Ganja It is being tried in the Court of Serious Crimes. The prosecutor announced the indictment in court. It is claimed that the municipal shares of “Abad Shamkir” LLC, a juice and jam production plant with a value of 1 million 335 thousand manats, founded by the Shamkir city municipality 2018-in execution his son by the order of the chief Fair Mammadova, 2020It was sold to a person named Farid Islamzade for only 180 manats.

It is claimed that the 3.3 million shares of “Chinarli settlement” LLC belonging to Chinarli municipality were sold to “Shamkir basket” LLC for only 40 manats on the instructions of the executive head.

The official founders of “Shamkir basket” are the son of the executive head Fair Mammadov, his assistant Mahir Aliyev and Orkhan Mammadli.

Ex Mayor from company managers and entrepreneurs who participated in tenders during his tenure in this position a bribe is also accused of receiving and other acts.

According to the charge, a bribe It was delivered to Mammadov mainly through his assistant, first deputy and head of the architecture department in the executive branch.

677 thousand manat “gift”

Court in the process, the former executive head was asked how two houses with a total value of 677 thousand manats were acquired in Shamkir district. Alimpasha Mammadov said that the value of the apartments in question was 142 thousand manats and was calculated at 677 thousand manats, the construction of the apartments was not completed and they were given to him by the entrepreneur.

In the process, it was also revealed that Alimpasha Mammadov was given 1 million 729 thousand 332 manats as a bribe by various persons. Ex Mayor and said that those funds were spent on low-income families in the region.

6.8 million manats

According to the indictment, Mammadov embezzled and bribed about 6.8 million manats during his tenure as executive head. funds got it.

Part of these funds son Fair It was directed to the construction costs of “Az Farel” LLC, founded in the name of Mammadov.

That’s why Mammadova too crime A charge of legalization of funds obtained through illegal means was also filed.

After the prosecutor announced these accusations, Mammadov said that he does not deny that the mentioned acts were committed.

“But the intention was different. Managing the district is not easy. I tried to provide the citizens with a job and for their livelihood. If it’s a waste, I’m fine with that…”– said the former executive head.

The trial of the former executive head will continue on December 8.


Shamkir region in 2014-2021 Execution Alimpasha Mammadov was the head of the government for 3 years before that Baku City Tax Department chief worked in his position. He was killed on April 29, 2021, as a result of an operation conducted by the State Security Service (SSS) in the building of the executive power in Shamkir. imprisonment done.

After the arrest of Mammadov, by the decision of the Sabail District Court, a number of properties claimed to belong to him and his family members imprisonment is placed.

According to information obtained by RFE/RL, in general imprisonment the value of the properties under it 10 more than a million manats.

Among them “Abad Shamkir” LLC – food products manufacturing plant; “Az Farel” LLC – fish breeding and processing enterprise; There are also two apartments in the “Sipark” residential complex in the Narimanov district of Baku.

A crime in his case, it is claimed that these apartments were given to the former executive head as a bribe.

Mammadov was charged with articles 179.4 (especially large embezzlement), 193-1 (legalization of proceeds of crime), 308 (abuse of official authority) and 311 (taking bribes) of the Criminal Code. These articles provide up to 14 years of imprisonment.

The wave of arrests of executive heads in Azerbaijan started in December 2019 from Agstafa and Yevlakh. Later, similar operations were conducted in Neftchala, Bilasuvar, Imishli, Jalilabad, Kurdamir and Shamkir district executive authorities.

Except for Mammadov, the sentence was read out to the rest of the jailed executive leaders. They were sentenced to 5 to 12 years in prison. Past officers they do not agree with the verdict in their bars, they filed complaints to the higher courts. It’s up to everyone court processes continue.

Former executive head of Agstafa Nizamuddin Guliyev He died in prison in September 2021.

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