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President’s daughter in a new position. Condemned the groom for slapping the bride

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyeveldest daughter of Saida Mirziyoyeva known for coming forward and solving problems in difficult situations.

Earlier this month, he the president communication in the administration and information appointed head of the policy department. This appointment is one of the measures taken after the anti-government riots that erupted in the Karakalpakstan region last summer and resulted in the deaths of 18 people.

Apart from the return of 38-year-old Mirziyoyeva to a high position, there are personnel changes. Minister of Justice Ruslanbek Davletov of the newly created president social and political was transferred to the position of adviser on issues. Besides, Mirziyoyeva’s ally Komil Allamconov President Deputy head of administration was appointed.

The 44-year-old former Minister of Commerce Sardor UmurzakovHe was appointed the head of administration in July. His predecessor Zaynilobiddin Nizomiddinov The first during the bloody persecutions in Karakalpakstan sacrifice was a given frame.

Director of UK-based Central Asia Due Diligence (CADD). Alisher Ilhamov says that these changes Mirziyoyev’s predecessor Islam Karimov put an end to rumors that he would bring in conservative personnel from his era.

“After the events of Karakalpakstan, there were rumors that old people and old rules would return. …These rumors worked for the government. Because the government showed the opposite by appointing younger personnel. – says Ilhamov.

Although Tashkent blamed some “foreign forces” for the protests, state officials, including Mirziyoyev, acknowledged that the July events were caused by a crisis in communications. Regarding the constitutional status of the autonomous territory to objections offer caused by the changes.

On November 14, while making a statement about Mirziyoyeva’s appointment, her father’s spokesperson said that this new structure, which she will oversee, “is based on the study of public opinion and information will deal with politics.

Mirziyoyeva was appointed to her first public position in April 2019. At that time, his father brought him to the position of deputy chairman of the Information and Mass Communications Agency. It’s automatically his the president it meant that he was the deputy adviser. This position also gave him extensive control over the media.

2020In January, he National He was appointed deputy chairman of the public foundation for media development support.

In these posts, Mirziyoyeva was the second person after Allamconov. This fact formed the opinion that they operate in tandem.

“If Allamconov trusts Mirziyoyeva while showing the elite that he acts with the support of the Mirziyoyev family, Mirziyoyeva also trusts Allamconov in terms of professional experience to realize certain goals”, – says Ilhamov.

During the joint activity of the two in the agency, the block of some sites was removed and the BBC correspondent was de-accredited. The BBC’s activities in the country 20It was banned after the events of Andijon in 2005.

However, this did not mean a complete opening. RFE/RL’s Uzbek service is still blocked in the country. However, short-term accreditation has recently been granted to journalists writing for radio.

At an event in 2021, Allamconov tried to draw attention to the limits of opening opportunities in Uzbekistan. In a speech days after an LGBT rights blogger was attacked and hospitalized, he said:

“Foreign organizations should consider the nation’s mentality, religion, culture and traditions before making demands on Uzbekistan or any other foreign country.”

According to Ilhamov, all this was done under the leadership of Allamconov “without a half-hearted approach to freedom of speech.” news gives By the way, the new deputy head of administration is accused of conflicting business deals revealed in a media investigation.

Mirziyoyeva judge is one of the most prominent members of the family. Her husband, a businessman Oybek TursunovThere are also reports that he holds a position in the administration. However, these reports have not yet been confirmed.

His younger sister Shahnoza Preschool Education He holds a high position in the Ministry.

Unlike her relatives, Mirziyoyeva consistently expresses her position on current issues.

When a video of a groom slapping a bride on her wedding day went viral in Uzbekistan, Mirziyoyeva joined the ranks of those who condemned it.

“In such cases, we should not remain calm, we should not pretend that these situations happen little by little. That’s why it broadens our horizons, makes women independent and strong education needed”, – he said. After that, that gentleman was accused of hooliganism.

Two years ago, when the famous liberal “Ilhom” theater of Tashkent was facing the threat of closing, Mirziyoyeva intervened in time.

But she is also a mother and national he tries to preserve his image as a protector of traditions. In a video shared in the summer, her older and younger sons were seen sitting on their knees on a canamaz.

A popular blogger who writes for Uzbek media organizations Nikita Makarenko He says that he believes in the sincerity of Mirziyoyeva’s intention regarding press freedom.

Saida Mirziyoyeva [dövlət agentliyində] has proven that he does not hesitate to take responsibility for the media and defend it when he is working. His voice was often decisive in important matters. Of course, in an ideal world, journalists and bloggers should be protected by a strong system of laws and their enforcement. [Ancaq] for now, we need what allies we can find.” – says Makarenko.

Professor at the Media and Journalism Research Center of the University of Groningen, the Netherlands Rashid Gabdulhakov He is skeptical about the claims that Mirziyoyeva will open the way for press freedom.

Ilhamovsa thinks that Mirziyoyev is trying to improve his image both abroad and at home after the Karakalpakstan events by promoting his young team. He says that this is a logical approach by Mirziyoyev at a time when he is trying to increase his presidential term.


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