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Russia At the first post where peacekeepers served (at the entrance to Lachin road) Azerbaijan together with the “mini-customs” agreement was reached on the installation of the post. This sensational news on December 3 in Shusha Azerbaijan the commander of the peacekeepers in a conversation with journalists, general– Major Andrey Volkov said.

According to him, special equipment for cargo and vehicle inspection will be installed there.

Volkov’s statement on December 3 of the representatives leaving Baku with Karabakh Armenia which covers in detail the stoppage of traffic between Azerbaijan It was not shown in the reports of TV channels.

These images are only on Monday – two days later and only in social networks appeared.

The Azerbaijani side is still silent. Baku has not yet announced the decision on the establishment of a joint crossing point in Lachin.

If we proceed from what Volkov said, then there is no question of creating a station of the State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan in this area. The question arises: “joint mini-customsWhat does ” mean? to cars from Armenia Russia military and the State of the Republic of Azerbaijan Customs Committee Will the employees conduct a joint review? How will this work technically? Whose opinion will be decisive in the matter of whether this or that cargo is allowed to the territory of Azerbaijan or to Armenia? Let’s say that the “peacekeepers” will decide whether some cargo can pass to Karabakh, and the Azerbaijani customs officials protest will do, then who will have the last word?

Well-known political scientists shared their views on the issue with Press Club.

Gela Vasadze, leading expert of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC):

– Frankly speaking, it is not clear what the conversation is about. As far as I can see, it is about providing Russian “peacekeepers” with special equipment for cargo inspection. It is not clear what equipment will be provided. For example, are we talking about X-ray equipment or explosives detection equipment?

And the main question is this: is the physical participation of Azerbaijani representatives planned? If it is intended, then which services will be representatives – customs, border guards, or just a controller who will record everything? All these are fundamental questions that have yet to be answered. For now, it can only be said that Azerbaijan has started taking steps to take control of the Lachin Corridor. Time will tell how long this process will last. But lately, everyone has said that this is expected.

Expert on international issues, head of “South Caucasus” Club of Political Scientists Ilgar Valizadeh:

– It seems to me that this issue has not yet been resolved, the final point has not been set. For now, this is an interim decision. Because there are clear facts about the humanitarian Lachin corridor being used for non-humanitarian purposes, and cases of violations of the border-crossing regime are in sight. Regardless of how the situation is approached, the area is under the temporary control of peacekeeping forces Azerbaijan is the state border. That’s why, Azerbaijan has the right to raise issues related to the control of this territory.

In addition, it should be emphasized that the responsibility for making the final decision on this issue will most likely rest with the peacekeepers. But if there is a difference of opinion, within the framework of the agreements of the Azerbaijani side with the peacekeepers, as well RussiaTurkey The Joint Monitoring Center has the right to raise an issue regarding this situation.

I understand that it is about solving the situation step by step as soon as possible. No matter how, the checkpoint in this area will have to operate. Let’s not forget that, even if it is in a slow mode, AzerbaijanArmenia the process of demarcation and delimitation of the border is underway. The boundary must be clearly defined along its entire length. This process also includes the entrance part of Lachin Corridor. Therefore, there is no doubt that in the near future, a certain customs-border infrastructure will be functioning, which should regulate the issues related to the entry and exit to this territory and the transfer of goods.

Rauf Orujov

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