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Putin says he did ‘what Peter couldn’t do’

Russia the president Vladimir Putin said that the war, which he called a “special operation” in Ukraine, could be a “long process”.

At the same time, he called Russia’s annexation of a number of territories in Ukraine “an astonishing result”.

Putin on December 7 the president He also spoke before the members of the Human Rights Council.

At present, the majority of those who fully support the Kremlin’s policy are in this council.

Putin said during the meeting:

“What did I hide, the Sea of ​​Azov too Russia became the inland sea of ​​the Federation”.

He recalled that even Tsar Peter I was fighting for access to the Sea of ​​Azov.

He used the word “war”.

Putin did not directly say that the annexation of territories is one of the goals of the special operation.

The absolute majority of the world’s countries of Ukraine of four provinces Russia did not recognize its annexation by

Ukraine from the occupation of these territories free continues to be.

When talking about the war, Putin used the word “war” along with the phrase “special operation”.

But he claimed that the war in 2014 of Ukraine began his rule.

When answering the question about the threat of nuclear war related to the conflict between Russia and the West, Putin said that this threat is increasing.

First “peacefully”, then “by all means”

The Russian president refused to give a guarantee that Moscow would never use nuclear weapons first:

“If the first one doesn’t give a hand, then the second one won’t either. Because the possibility of a nuclear attack on our territory is limited.”

Putin said that the Russian authorities “per head weather did not come” and “will not pull his nuclear weapon around like a razor”.

The Russian president said that “national interests” first “peacefully” and then “by all other means”.

Putin noted that there is no need for a “second wave” of mobilization today.


Azerbaijan news

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