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Seal corpses were found in Khachmaz |

of the Caspian Sea Does not cross 17 seal bodies were found in the region.

The website of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources published information about this.

According to information, this sea is related to the detection of mass deaths of seals on the Dagestan coast of the Caspian Sea Azerbaijan employees of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources conducted large-scale monitoring in the department.

of the Biological Diversity Conservation Service chief Firuddin Aliyev said that the sea during the monitoring Does not cross A total of 17 seal bodies were found in the direction of Istisu settlement, Tikanlioba, Seyidli and Nabran villages in the territory of the region:

“In order to investigate the cause of death of the seals Food Together with the specialists of the Security Agency, samples will be taken from the bodies and the results will be reported.”

In Dagestan…

On December 3, at least 700 seals were found on the Dagestan coast of the Caspian Sea.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Dagestan reported on this.

Shortly after the release of this information, the director general of the Caspian Protection Center Zaur Kapizov said that the number of dead seals reached 1700.

“From the looks of the seals we found, they died about two weeks ago. No signs of violent death, no remains of fishing nets were found. Most likely, the number of dead seals is much higher.” RIA Novosti state agency quoted the director of the Center.

This is not the first case in Dagestan. 2020More than 300 seal bodies were found between Makhachkala and Kaspiysk in December 2021, and 170 more in May 2021.

In 2017, according to the statements made by representatives of the Dagestan authorities, as a result of the increase in oil production on the shores and waters of the Caspian Sea, many traditional habitats of seals have disappeared or been heavily polluted.

According to the calculations of ecologists, there used to be about 1 million seals living in the Caspian Sea, but now this number has approached 75 thousand.

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