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The EU is preparing the ninth package of sanctions against Russia

European Union Chairman of the commission Ursula von der Leyen social in the media account regarding the details of the 9th package of sanctions planned to be implemented against Russia video shared.

Stating that Russia continues to bring death and destruction to Ukraine, von der Leyen said that Russia is deliberately trying to paralyze Ukraine by targeting civilians and infrastructure during the winter.

Emphasizing that they will continue to support Ukraine, von der Leyen said, “The 8 sanctions package that we have implemented so far have harmed Russia.” used the expression.

“Today we are increasing the pressure on Russia with the 9th package of sanctions,” von der Leyen said. he said.

More on the EU sanctions list 20Adding about 0 persons and organizations offer Von der Leyen said that the list includes officers in the armed forces, members of the Duma and the Federation Council, ministers and many politicians.

Von der Leyen smuggling Ukrainian children way with those who took to Russia and of Ukraine village He emphasized that those who steal agricultural products are also listed.

Russia von der Leyen, who noted that they will impose a complete operational ban on the Regional Development Bank, 3 more Russia to impose sanctions on the bank offer said what they did.

Von der Leyen said that their goal Russia is to cut off the financial opportunities of President Vladimir Putin.

Emphasizing that they want to apply new export controls and restrictions, especially on dual-purpose goods, von der Leyen said that this would include basic chemicals, nerve agents, electronics and information said that technologies are products.

“We will cut off Russia’s access to all kinds of drones and drones.” Von der Leyen will be able to supply UAV engines to Russia and these products to Russia Iran said that they will ban exports to third countries.

Von der Leyen stated that they will prevent Russia from conducting propaganda and said that the broadcasting of 4 Russian channels will be stopped.

“We are calling for further economic measures against Russia’s energy and mining sector, including a ban on new mining investment in Russia. offer we do,” said von der Leyen. he said.

The Commission’s proposal must be approved by EU member states to enter into force. (AA)

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Azerbaijan news

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