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The first protester was executed in Iran

The protester who participated in the recent demonstrations in Iran was executed. That person is accused of “enmity” by allegedly injuring a security officer.

Libra related to justice news according to the agency, Mohsen Shekari was executed on December 8. Iran Ali His court rejected his appeal against the death sentence.

Shekari is accused of threatening with a weapon “with the intention of committing murder and terror, depriving people of freedom and security”, “deliberately injuring” a security officer and “blocking the street”.

22-year-old Mahsa Amini died in September after being detained by the morality police for allegedly not tying the hijab properly. His death resulted in thousands of Iranians taking to the streets.

The government brutally suppressed the demonstrators. Deputies and called for strict punishments against the protesters.

Human rights groups and Western governments have urged Tehran not to issue death sentences to protesters, calling the hasty trials “false” justice.

USA State Department spokesman Ned Price Two days before Shekari’s execution, he said that the purpose of these verdicts is to scare people and silence the disaffected.

These judgments Iran leadership from its own people, Iran shows that his government is afraid of the truth”, – Price added to his words.

HRANA of activists news according to the information of the agency, at least 459 people, including 64 minors, were killed in the protests until November 29.

Amnesty International human rights organization three child said that at least 28 people may be executed in connection with the protests. According to the institution’s position, the Iranian authorities use the death penalty “to sow fear among the public and to end popular protest political as a tool of repression”.


Azerbaijan news

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