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A scandalous event in Lebanon! He pawned his car to get his dead child’s body out of the hospital… His heartbreaking story became the agenda |

He bought his baby’s body by pawning his car in Lebanon because he couldn’t pay the hospital bills Hussein the sad story of al-Barini social has become the agenda of the media.

Barini, who was photographed walking with the lifeless body of her baby wrapped in a blue cloth in her arms social reflected in the media and told the AA reporter what he had experienced.

Barini’s baby is being treated at Halef al-Habtoor hospital in the northern Lebanese city of Akkar due to health problems she has had since birth.

Calling from the hospital that the baby is dead news Barini said, “I went to the hospital to collect my son’s body. The lady in accounting gave me 2,400 for hospital expenses dollars he said he was. I did. protest I don’t do it, but I don’t have money except 400 dollars. I gave the money to buy the dead body, but the woman said that I can’t take the child without a guarantor (because I don’t have enough money). he said.

Barini went on to say that the woman in accounting asked him if he had a car.

“I didn’t say I had a car at first. But he asked me to give the baby’s body in exchange for pawning the car offer When he did, I thought about it and gave him the car key. He left his room and asked the doctor. for the price of the car outside.20He said it would be 00 or less. He gave me a document to pick up. When I pay the rest of the bill, he will return the car keys to me. When I got the car and came to him, I got the answer “take care of yourself”. I took the child and started to leave. Then I took a taxi.”


Rawa al-Ahdeb, director general of Khalaf al-Habtur hospital, said that the economic crisis in Lebanon and the lira dollars He said that the cheapness in front of him led the citizens to great carelessness even in terms of health.

Defending Barini’s experience as a “big misunderstanding” caused by the crisis in the country, especially in the Akkar region, Ahdeb said the father was in dire straits and was helped by charities during the 25 days the baby was in hospital. intensive care unit.

Ahdeb said that the woman in accounting only asked Barini for bail to pay the rest of the money. social said that he did not think that he would have such a big impact in the media.


Ahdeb from the incident news as soon as he caught it, he called Barini to offer his condolences and told him to come to the hospital to get his car keys, saying that he did not like the accountant’s behavior.

An emergency that evaluates the car medical Muin Mahmoud, one of the doctors of the relief department, defended himself by saying that “the incident was misunderstood, the accountant asked him the price of the car”, and he answered the question: he is engaged in car trading as a side job. (AA)

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